Driver takes out power pole, disappears

Glenn County Observer

Pole blocks entrance to and egress from the Lagrone residence on County Road O.

Lake District – Almost nothing is known about a crash that occurred Saturday morning – but at least we have pictures!

What little is known is that at about 7:30 a.m. on March 13, someone reported that a vehicle had crashed into a power pole on County Road O, north of County Road 9.

However, it seems this is not when the accident actually occurred. It seems a safe guess to say that the incident actually happened sometime earlier and that the driver and (given that the passenger side door was found to be open) passenger left the scene.

The airbag is seen to have deployed.

The accident happened at the entrance of the Lagrone residence, 4707 County Road O, making it difficult for the residents to leave the property or for anyone to enter it.

Lines from a pole with a “high voltage” sign on it were on the ground across the driveway and on the car. No firefighters or law enforcement officers were on-scene when the Observer’s photos were taken.

“High Voltage.”
The pole and power line stretch across the Lagrone driveway.

The car is a 1999 Honda Accord four-door sedan.

All photos courtesy of Donna Wilder.

The power line is plainly visible on the car. Another is on the ground, across the driveway, next to the pole.

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