Glenn County Sheriff’s Log

Here are the latest incident reports from the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office.

Monday, April 5:

2 p.m., deputies responded to the area of County Road 57 and Interstate 5 for a report of a possible drunk driver. The reporting party told Glenn County Communications the suspect vehicle was a black pickup and the driver was swerving all over the roadway. Deputies responded to the area and conducted an extensive area check, but were unable to locate the suspect vehicle.

3:06 p.m., Deputy Ramirez contacted Leonard Leavell in regards to a coroner’s investigation. A cat was possibly left in the residence at 333 Butte Street in Orland. Deputy Ramirez responded and attempted to locate the cat. Deputy Ramirez provided Leavell with information in regards to the coroner’s investigation.

4:10 p.m., Stephanie from Glenn County Behavioral Health reported seeing a mother spanking her juvenile daughter in the area of 242 North Villa Avenue in Willows. Stephanie said the woman was wearing yellow leggings and was walking north on North Villa with the girl. Deputies responded and contacted Jessee Kempher, Nathaniel Kempher, and their daughter. Jessee Kempher said she did not spank her daughter and Nathaniel Kempher said he did not see Jessee Kempher spank the girl. After an on-scene investigation, the deputies did not observe any signs indicating child abuse. The girl appeared to be in good health and spirits.

4:40 p.m., Clyde Ballew reported vandalism at the Western Ready Mix, 640 Canton Street, Willows. Deputy Huichapan responded and contacted Ballew, who said he heard a commotion at the Western Ready Mix and saw what he believed were two white juveniles running from the immediate area. Ballew did not have any description on the juveniles but believed they were responsible for the broken window on the building. Deputy Huichapan conducted an area check but did not locate anyone in the immediate area. Deputy Huichapan contacted the responsible party, William Graham, via telephone and told him of the incident. Graham estimated the cost to repair the window at $300 and requested documentation.

5:11 p.m., Catalina Garcia requested to speak to a deputy regarding a restraining order violation. Deputies responded to 130 Shasta Avenue in Hamilton City and contacted Garcia. A report was forwarded to the district attorney’s office for review.

5:46 p.m., deputies responded to the area of West Willow Street and North Culver Street in Willows for multiple reports of multiple gunshots heard. Deputies were flagged down by the victim, Alfonso Puga Rodriguez, Jr., and his father, Alfonso Puga, in front of 219 North Culver Street. Deputies spoke to both parties, who said an unknown individual shot in their direction, causing damage to the victim’s brown 2013 Chevy Tahoe and his white 2000 Nissan pickup. The victim had a non-life-threatening injury on his left leg and was transported to Glenn Medical Center for proper care. Deputies found various shotgun shells in the area. Deputies checked with neighbors and made sure nobody else was injured. Deputies initiated an investigation.

5:49 p.m., deputies responded to 3419 County Road S, Orland, for a domestic disturbance. Contact was made with Rick Dry and Tina Dry said the incident was verbal only. The incident was handled by mediation and separation.

6:03 p.m., Deputy Cordova was dispatched to the Cedar Hills Apartments, apt. #225, to contact Heidi Blosser regarding threats. Blosser said her nine-year-old son was at a friend’s residence and nearly dropped an infant. The father of the infant, Kirk Troughton, subsequently contacted Blosser and they exchanged several text messages, which Blosser perceived as threats. Blosser was ultimately provided with her options and she requested the incident be documented.

6:53 p.m., Raquel Sazo contacted Glenn County Communications and requested a deputy at Walmart, 470 North Airport Road, Willows, for her lost wallet. Deputy Cordova responded and contacted Sazo, who said she believed her black leather wallet fell off of her vehicle’s roof after she left the business. Sazo attempted to find her wallet, with no success. Sazo stated the wallet contained various credit and debit cards, a Social Security card, and about $1,700 in cash.

7:41 p.m., Ramon Vasquez contacted the sheriff’s office, reporting a suspicious man sitting in a vehicle across from his residence at 348 Main Street, Hamilton City. Deputies contacted Rafael Nunez, who said he was a transient and living in his car. Nunez was told to move along.

9:41 p.m., deputies responded to the area of North Culver Street and West Willow Street, Willows, for two reports of a single gunshot heard. Deputies conducted a thorough check of the area, with no success. Deputies spoke with two witnesses, who confirmed they heard a single shot, but were unsure of the source.

Tuesday, April 6:

12:13 a.m., Lily Gonzales contacted Glenn County Communications and requested deputies attempt to locate her son, Johnathan Gonzales, of Temecula, in the parking lot of Walmart. Lily Gonzales reported Johnathan was stuck in the parking lot due to vehicle complications, and she had not heard from him. Deputies located Johnathan Gonzales, who had been asleep in his vehicle and waiting for a tow truck. Johnathan Gonzales was on the phone with his mother prior to the deputies’ arrival.

6:21 a.m., Marcela Flores of 115 South Shasta Street, unit #1, Willows, requested to speak with a deputy regarding a custody issue involving her grandchildren and their parents. Deputy Lourenzo contacted Flores, who said her grandchildren had been left with her the day prior, and their mother, Maria Delgado, had since been incarcerated. Flores further said one of the children’s fathers, Anthony Rowland, of Corning, called and stated he was coming to get the children. Rowland later arrived on scene and said he wanted to take his biological child as well as the other two children, due to their mother being in jail and unable to care for them. Both parties were unable to present legal paperwork to determine the legal custody of the children. Rowland’s biological child was released to his care and custody while the other two children remained in Flores’ care.

9:21 a.m., Stephen Furtado, 7010 County Road 15, Orland, requested to speak with a deputy regarding identity theft. Deputy Huichapan contacted Furtado via telephone, as requested. Furtado told Huichapan he was currently in the process of purchasing a home and learned an unknown person “racked up” a bill for $1,700. Furtado was told the outstanding bill was for cable services associated with a residence in Butte County. Furtado had no suspect information and was requesting documentation for the incident. Furtado said the consumer credit company he was working with required a police report to begin their investigation. Furtado was told since the crime occurred in Butte County it needed to be reported in their jurisdiction. Deputy Huichapan provided Furtado with information and documented the incident as requested.

11:45 a.m., George Walker of Willows called and reported highway violence in Willows. Deputy Lemmon responded and contacted Walker, who said a man had been harassing him. Walker said the latest incident happened on North Butte Street, north of Willows. He said he was riding his electric bicycle when the man drove up and attempted to use the vehicle to hit Walker. California Highway Patrol officers were called and responded. The CHP took over the investigation. Walker was advised of the civil harassment order process. California Highway Patrol officers ultimately contacted the suspect, Larry Chaney of Willows. At the completion of the investigation, Chaney reported a sexual assault, which was already reported to the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office.

1:01 p.m., deputies responded to 1637 Railroad Avenue, Orland, for a suspicious person on a bicycle, causing a disturbance. Deputies conducted a check of the area, but were unable to locate the person.

2:03 p.m., the Glenn Investigations and Narcotics Task Force (GLINTF) received a cross report from Glenn County Child Welfare Services regarding a possible sexual abuse. After an investigation by CWS, the incident was determined to be unfounded.

2:59 p.m., an anonymous caller contacted the Glenn County Sherriff’s Office to report a yellow vehicle parked in a disabled parking space at Walmart without a disabled placard. Deputy Chavez was dispatched and responded to the location. Deputy Chavez located the vehicle parked in a disabled parking space without a disabled placard. The vehicle’s owner was not located and the vehicle was cited for the parking violation.

3:41 p.m., Deputy Chavez observed an abandoned vehicle parked in the 600 block of North Butte Street in Willows. The vehicle appeared to have been stripped of parts. Deputy Chavez told Glenn County Communications to dispatch L&T Towing to take possession of the vehicle per the California Vehicle Code.

5:24 p.m., Julia Barry of Maxwell contacted the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office to report she had been assaulted at Walmart in Willows. Deputy Chavez was dispatched and contacted Barry, who said she confronted a woman who pulled and hit a child who was with the woman in the store. Barry said she was slapped by the woman in the store. Barry did not want to press criminal charges. She only wanted a welfare check to be completed on the child. Officer Hindo from the Williams Police Department contacted Deputy Chavez. Officer Hindo said Barry had called the Williams Police Department to request a welfare check for the child of the woman involved in the incident. Office Hindo said he was familiar with the family involved and would complete the welfare check.

7:15 p.m., Maria Arroyo of Hamilton City contacted Glenn County Communications and requested to speak with a deputy regarding an injured dog. Deputies contacted Arroyo, who said she found the dog in the alleyway of the 100 block of Sacramento Avenue. She further said she would take possession of the dog until a Glenn County animal control officer could respond the following day.

7:36 p.m., Glenn County Jail staff requested assistance with transferring an inmate who was not complying with their orders. Deputies responded and assisted jail staff with removing the inmate from a holding cell to the safety cell.

9:21 p.m., Joseph Gilmore requested to speak to a deputy regarding ongoing explosions going off in the area of County Roads 9 and O, near Orland. Contact was made with Gilmore, who said that for the past several months, his neighbors have been setting off explosions. Gilmore requested they be contacted and asked to stop. Deputies contacted Jesspal Virdi, who said he had set off fireworks for his parents’ anniversary. Virdi agreed to not set off any more fireworks.

11:17 p.m., Chris Martindale of 125 Fern Street, Willows, contacted the sheriff’s office regarding a van parked on his property at 6541 County Road 51 and requested information on what he could do. Deputy Tuma contacted Martindale at his residence. Deputy Tuma attempted to contact the owner of the van, Christina Badgley, of 600 North Humboldt Avenue, apt. #230, Willows, but she did not answer. Martindale was provided information on his options.

11:18 p.m., the California Highway Patrol requested a deputy respond to the Travel Plaza, 1481 Highway 99, Willows, after a broken down motorist requested an area check. Deputy Garcia and CHP officers responded. Deputy Garcia assisted until no longer needed.

Wednesday, April 7:

1:09 a.m., an anonymous woman (although the sheriff’s log lists the caller as Lynn Carol O’Donnell of 1050 West Cedar Street, Willows) reported a dog at 1040 West Cedar Street, Willows, was constantly barking and not allowing her to sleep. Deputy Garcia responded and contacted the canine’s owner, Marian Gonzalez, and notified her of the complaint. Gonzalez agreed to let the canine inside the residence to prevent any further disturbances.

7:29 a.m., Jesus Camacho reported vandalism to his vehicle at his residence at 470 Canal Street, Hamilton City. Deputy Lourenzo responded and contacted Camacho, who said sometime during the night, an unknown person broke all the windows of his vehicle. Camacho estimated the total damage at about $600. No suspect information was provided. A report was taken and the investigation is open pending identification of the suspect(s).

10:44 a.m., Carolina Gonzales requested a deputy respond to 3099 County Road F, Artois, and counsel her juvenile son. Deputy Huichapan responded and contacted the involved parties. After an on-scene investigation, Deputy Huichapan learned the child was upset over family issues and the way his parents were handling the situation. Deputy Huichapan spoke with both parties and assisted with mediation. Gonzales ultimately gave her son permission to leave the residence for the remainder of the day.

12:24 p.m., Albert Perez requested to speak with a deputy regarding fuel theft. Deputy Huichapan responded to 7791 County Road 59 in Glenn and contacted Perez, who told the deputy that someone stole about 700 gallons of clear diesel fuel from his fuel wagon. The fuel wagon was located on one of Perez’s fields just south of his residence. Perez believed the theft occurred sometime between April 5 through April 7. Perez estimated the monetary loss at about $3,000 and did not have any suspect information.

4:59 p.m., Michael Jacobs of Chico requested to speak with a deputy regarding threats. Deputy Huichapan contacted Jacobs via telephone, as requested. Jacobs alleged that earlier in the day, Carlos Hill was being confrontational towards him and attempted to get a reaction out of him. Jacobs told Deputy Huichapan he did not engage with Hill. At one point, Jacobs alleged Hill threatened to kill him. Jacobs told Deputy Huichapan that Hill did not have any weapons or means to carry out the threat. Jacobs told the deputy the incident occurred at the Grindstone Rancheria and Jacobs had since left the rancheria and was currently at his residence in Chico. After speaking with Jacobs, Deputy Huichapan determined the elements for criminal threats were not met. The deputy provided Jacobs with information on the restraining order process. Deputy Huichapan attempted to contact Hill, with no success.

6:49 p.m., deputies responded to 451 Fourth Street, Hamilton City, after Naomi Orear reported her fiancé, Jesse Weatherby, was causing a disturbance. Orear alleged Weatherby drank alcohol and made suicidal statements. Upon arrival, both parties were contacted and an on-scene investigation was conducted. After further investigation, it was determined Weatherby did not meet the criteria for a mental health evaluation and he was ultimately provided with a courtesy ride to a nearby motel for the night. Orear was provided with options and resources. The issue was handled by mediation and separation.

8:11 p.m., a woman who lives on South Murdock Street in Willows contacted the sheriff’s office, reporting her juvenile son was under the influence of a controlled substance. Deputy Tuma contacted the boy, who was on Glenn County probation. The boy admitted to smoking marijuana and was counselled. The Glenn County Probation Department was notified and said they would follow up with the child.

9:42 p.m., a Walmart employee contacted the sheriff’s office, reporting a woman screaming inside a white and blue motorhome in the parking lot. The employee requested a welfare check. Deputies responded and found the motorhome left prior to the deputies’ arrival. The deputies checked the area but were unable to locate the motorhome. California Highway Patrol officers later said they were out with a motorhome matching the description in the area of the Blue Gum Motel. Deputies responded and contacted Brandon and Cara Records of Washington. Both denied being at Walmart and denied being in an altercation. Deputies also did not observe signs of there being a disturbance.

Thursday, April 8:

12:09 a.m., an anonymous man reported a physical altercation between Rafael Ruvalcaba and Letticia Cordero but did not provide any additional information. Communications pinged the phone call to the area of South Tehama and West Ash Streets in Willows. Deputies conducted an area check but did not locate any signs of disturbance.

12:35 a.m., deputies were detailed to the 4300 block of County Road HH, Orland, for a report of a suspicious vehicle parked along the roadway. The vehicle was described as a white Honda with a black hood. Upon arrival, deputies located the described vehicle and contacted the sole occupant, David Gutierrez. Deputies conducted a records check on Gutierrez and discovered he was allegedly on misdemeanor probation out of Glenn County, with search terms listed. Deputies executed a search of the vehicle in the area where Gutierrez was seated. Deputies reportedly found a white crystalline substance consistent with methamphetamine, and six white pills in the front center console. Gutierrez was subsequently placed under arrest and transported to the Glenn County Jail for booking. The vehicle was released to the registered owner, Jennie Swope, of 301 Eighth Street, Orland.

8:46 a.m., while on routine patrol, Deputy Lourenzo observed transient Michael Deniz, who she recognized from previous contacts, walking south in the 300 block of North Butte Street, Willows. A records check revealed Deniz allegedly had two outstanding warrants for his arrest out of Glenn County. Deputy Lourenzo contacted Deniz and subsequently placed him under arrest for his outstanding warrants. During a search of his person, Deputy Lourenzo allegedly found an amount of suspected methamphetamine in his pocket. Deniz was transported and booked into the Glenn County Jail for the warrants, as well as allegedly being in possession of a controlled substance.

11:34 a.m., Deputy Chavez contacted transient Martin Chavera, who was outside of a residence located at the corner of Shasta Avenue and Fifth Street in Hamilton City. Glenn County Communications conducted a records check and confirmed a Butte County warrant. Chavera was cited and released for the Butte County warrant.

12:13 p.m., James Slyh contacted the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office to report illegal dumping on his property at 6324 County Road 9, Orland. Deputies responded and contacted Slyh, who said he did not see who dumped a garbage bag on his property but believed it was his neighbor. The garbage bag appeared to have been torn by animals. Slyh requested the incident be documented.

2:37 p.m., Phyllis Reed of Milner, Ga., contacted the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office to report she received money orders from Glen Parnell, who lives in Orland. Deputies contacted Reed by telephone. Reed said she received money orders in the mail and was asked to deposit the money into her account and then send the money to an address in Kenya. Reed was concerned Parnell was a victim of a scam. Deputies contacted Parnell, who stated he had sent the money to help a friend with whom he was corresponding. Parnell was provided resources but refused assistance from law enforcement. Parnell said he would cancel the money orders he sent to Reed.

6:38 p.m., River Garrett called to report he and his girlfriend, Nerissa Smith, were stuck in snow in their vehicle on Forest Highway 7, west of Mastersons Camp. Garrett stated they were traveling from out of state (Arizona) and he had to walk a mile to find cell phone service. Glenn County Search and Rescue was activated and assembled a rescue team. Glenn County Search and Rescue responded and ultimately located and rescued Garrett and Smith. Garrett and Smith were safely escorted into the city limits of Willows, where they continued their travels.

7:38 p.m., Deputy Garcia to 904 North Butte Street, Willows, for a second-hand report of a peaceful contact restraining order violation between Kelly Thompson (protected party) and Alan Kyler (restrained party). Deputy Garcia contacted Thompson and the reporting party, Beverly Kessler. Kessler said she overheard Kyler yelling in the background as she spoke with Thompson on the phone. Deputy Garcia spoke with Thompson, who said Kyler displayed normal behavior and did not want him arrested. Deputy Garcia spoke to Kyler who denied yelling at Thompson. After further investigation, Deputy Garcia determined Kyler did not violate the restraining order. Deputy Garcia provided all of the involved parties with options.

8:51 p.m., Robert Myre contacted Glenn County Communications and reported a vehicle was blocking the roadway on South Alpine Street, south of East Sycamore Street. Deputies responded to the area and found a 1998 Chevrolet van illegally parked. Glenn County Communications confirmed the vehicle’s registration expired in July of 2019. The vehicle was subsequently impounded by A+ Tow & Transport per the California Vehicle Code.

9:53 p.m., staff at Glenn Medical Center, 1133 West Sycamore Street, Willows, contacted Glenn County Communications and reported Steven Stoltenberg (not the Steven Stoltenberg of Artois Feed and Grain) was in the lobby threatening staff. Deputies responded and spoke with the staff, who said Stoltenberg stated he was going to “raise hell” if they didn’t contact law enforcement. Deputies contacted Stoltenberg away from the business and counselled him on his behavior.

10:17 p.m., Steven Trimmer contacted Glenn County Communications and reported transient Ruth Word was at his residence (600 North Humboldt Avenue, apt. #166, Willows) causing a disturbance. Deputies responded and contacted both parties at the residence. While on-scene, deputies checked both parties for active restraining orders. None were found. Trimmer said the disturbance was verbal only and requested Word leave the residence. Word was told of the request agreed to leave.

10:19 p.m., Maria Gonzalez of Orland contacted the sheriff’s office, alleging her juvenile daughter was assaulted by a coworker while working at the Subway in Hamilton City, which is located inside the Sinclair Gas Station convenience store, 601 Sixth Street (Highway 32). Deputy Tuma contacted Gonzalez by phone. Gonzalez said her daughter’s co-worker struck her daughter on the arm. Gonzalez gave the deputy the co-worker’s name, but could not provide any other information.

11:06 p.m., Larry McLain contacted Glenn County Communications and reported a man was in the 500 block of S. Culver Street, knocking on doors. Deputies responded and contacted Steven Stoltenberg (not the Steven Stoltenberg of Artois Feed and Grain) at 530 South Culver Street. Stoltenberg was ultimately provided with a courtesy ride to his residence in Orland.

11:15 p.m., Mohammadfeda Fedaie contacted the sheriff’s office, reporting an unknown person stole his keys while he was at work at the Diamond Gas Station, 1300 West Wood Street, Willows. Deputy Tuma contacted Fedaie, who said the keys included keys to his vehicle and to the gas station. Fedaie requested the incident be documented and extra patrol be provided in the area until he could return with a spare key for his vehicle in the morning.

11:25 p.m., deputies responded to the Willows Burger King after an employee reported a woman driving a black Mercedes SUV was possibly driving while under the influence. Upon arrival, deputies observed the reported vehicle in the drive-thru and followed it as it exited. Deputies conducted an investigatory stop on the vehicle and contacted the driver, Maria Ibarra of Bayliss, who displayed objective signs and symptoms of being under the influence of alcohol. She agreed to submit to a series of standardized field sobriety tests (SFSTs). Based on Ibarra’s objective signs and symptoms and her performance during the SFSTs, she was placed under arrest for allegedly driving while under the influence.

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