Hunter is no Nimrod

Hunter is a 10-month-old husky-pit bull-mix. He is very “high-energy,” in part because he is still very much a puppy, and in part because he is – well – very much a husky. His genes make him more fit to pull sleds and protect his humans than to retrieve game, so his name will probably prove to be inaccurate when he grows up. But then again, who knows? Hunter, however, is “dog selective,” meaning he needs to “meet and greet” other dogs before it is known whether he will be able to get along with them. If you are interested in adopting this wonderful dog, call (530) 517-1754 to arrange to see him in person. The Town and Country Humane Society shelter is located on Highway 99 between between County Roads 21 and 23, south of Orland. It is a nonprofit run by volunteers committed to the idea of making life better for our furry friends. Glenn County Observer photo by Larry Judkins.

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