Glenn County Sheriff’s Log

Here are the latest incident reports from the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office.

Sunday, May 30:

6:22 a.m., a confidential victim came to the sheriff’s office and wished to speak with a deputy regarding domestic violence. The victim alleged she was assaulted by her husband, Martin Bailey of County Road 306 in Elk Creek, earlier that morning, May 30. The victim alleged Bailey threw hot coffee on her and broke the windshield of her vehicle. Deputies initiated a investigation that led to the arrest of Bailey for alleged domestic violence.

5:32 p.m., Certified Fortress called the sheriff’s office and reported an alarm activation at the Grindstone Rancheria and requested law enforcement. Prior to the deputy’s arrival, Glenn County Communications was able to contact a responsible on scene who reported it was a false alarm.

8:23 p.m., Deputy McIntyre responded 3083 County Road S on a report of two people in an orchard. Upon arrival, contact was made with Marquez Bass and Martin Reyes, who were trying to fix a vehicle that had broken down on the side of the road. Both denied being in the orchard. They were told of the complaint and agreed to move along.

9:55 p.m., Forest Service Officer Brian Donnelly reported a possible drunk driver in Willows. Officer Donnelly told Deputy Huichapan he observed a dark-colored pickup failing to maintain its lane on Interstate 5 near County Road 48. Officer Donnelly and Deputy Huichapan responded to the Cedar Hills apartments and located the pickup, a gray 2013 Nissan Titan. Deputy Huichapan contacted Daniel Flores in the driver seat of the pickup. Deputy Huichapan informed Flores of why he was being contacted and Flores admitted to driving the pickup. Upon initial contact, Flores allegedly had red and watery eyes and an odor of an unknown alcoholic beverage was emitting from his person. Deputy Huichapan initiated an on-scene investigation and ultimately arrested Flores for allegedly driving while under the influence of alcohol. Flores was transported and booked into the Glenn County Jail and released to the care and custody of jail staff without further incident.

Monday, May 31:

12:04 a.m., deputies were dispatched to an alarm activation at the Grindstone Rancheria, in Elk Creek. Deputies responded and conducted a check of the building at 3600 Pum-Ti-Ta-De Lane. After checking the building, deputies did not observe anything unusual and determined it was a false alarm.

12:30 a.m., Deputy Lourenzo responded to a report of an audible security alarm sounding at a business within the 200 block of North Villa Avenue, Willows. Upon arrival, Deputy Lourenzo checked the exterior of the building and found all doors and windows to be secure. Nothing unusual was noted and no signs of forced entry were observed.

4:20 p.m., James Davis contacted the sheriff’s office, requesting to speak to a deputy regarding allegedly being assaulted by Ronald Triano while at 6145 County Road KK in Orland. Deputy Tuma contacted Davis by phone, per his request. Davis said that on May 27, Triano punched him on the side of the head as he sat in his vehicle.

5:34 p.m., deputies were dispatched to Wilbur Ellis, 6504 County Road 57, Willows, for a report a commercial alarm activation. Deputies responded and conducted a thorough search of the business. Deputies did not observe any suspicious activity and determined the alarm activation was a false alarm.

7:34 p.m., Deputy Thompson was dispatched to a welfare check on Andrew Baird at his residence at 335 North Sacramento Street, Willows. The deputy responded to the residence but received no answer at the door. Baird’s vehicle was not at the scene. Reporting party Diane Baird later called back and said she had contacted Baird, who had been out of town.

7:54 p.m., Deputy Thompson was dispatched to the Best Western motel, 475 North Humboldt Avenue, Willows, for a welfare check. The deputy contacted a confidential victim, who reported she had been in a cold domestic violence incident with her boyfriend the night prior. The deputy initiated an investigation.

7:56 p.m., Deputy Thompson was dispatched to contact Eric Zimmerman of Willows regarding a lost or stolen cellular telephone. The deputy contacted Zimmerman, who reported he had let a person called “Little Nick” borrow his black I-Phone 8 on Friday night. “Little Nick” had not returned the phone. Zimmerman described the phone as black with a crack on the back of the phone. Zimmerman reported the phone cost about $200. The deputy provided Zimmerman with information and later attempted to contact “Little Nick”, with no success.

10:45 p.m., Deputy Thompson was dispatched to a report of a suspicious vehicle being driven in the area of North Plumas and West Willow Streets in Willows. The vehicle was described as a white and teal Ford truck. Deputies checked the area but were unable to locate the vehicle. Deputies later contacted Carrie Kiser at Sycamore Park in a vehicle similar to the one described. Kiser was told of the complaint and said she was looking for a place to sleep. Kiser left the area.

11:54 p.m., Deputy Thompson was dispatched to an alarm activation at Round Table Pizza, in Willows. Deputies responded to the business and contacted employee Shelley Crocker. The business was checked and nothing appeared disturbed. The property was turned over to Crocker, who secured it.

Tuesday, June 1:

1:15 a.m., Deputy Thompson was detailed to an anonymous noise complaint at the Cedar Hills apartments, 600 North Humboldt Avenue, Willows. The deputy responded and contacted Delfino Diaz at apt. #259, where the music was coming from. Diaz agreed to turn the music down for the evening.

3:02 a.m., Eagle Security reported a commercial burglar alarm activation at Bambauer Towing, 4295 Highway 99, Orland. With the assistance of the CHP and Orland Police Department, the property was searched. Deputies found Paul Blake hiding underneath a garbage truck. Blake was arrested for alleged burglary, possession of burglary tools, and tampering with a vehicle. While Deputy Ayres was on-scene, he received information that an additional person just left the property in an area where the fence was cut open. This person was found hiding nearby and taken into custody. This person was identified as Christopher Thompson. He was arrested on charges allegin burglary, possession of burglary tools and possession of methamphetamine. (See June 2 Glenn County Observer story below.)

6:26 a.m., CalFire called and requested a deputy respond to the Willows Travel Plaza to assist fire personnel on scene of a medical aid call. Deputy Lemmon responded to the scene. Willows firefighters said the patient was being transported and needed assistance with a cat. Deputy Lemmon impounded the cat and transported it to Burnham’s Veterinary Clinic. Information was forwarded to Animal Control.

9:13 a.m., Manual Rodrigues from A+ Towing in Willows called and requested to speak with a deputy regarding an impound. Deputy Lemmon contacted Rodrigues, who needed assistance with verifying the actual owner of a vehicle due to a signed title. Deputy Lemmon assisted until he was no longer needed.

11:27 a.m., the Hamilton City Fire Department, Westside Ambulance personnel, and deputies responded to 295 Sacramento Avenue in Hamilton City for a report of unresponsive man. At 11:42 a.m., Westside Ambulance personnel pronounced the reported man, Luis Alvarez-Castillo, deceased. The decedent’s next of kin, Maria Alvarez (wife), was present during the investigation. Deputies conducted an on-scene coroner’s investigation and the decedent was turned over to the care of Sweet-Olson Family Mortuary of Orland.

12:08 p.m., Frank Kountz called and reported an abandoned bicycle on his property at 950 West Walnut Street, Willows. Kountz said the bicycle was left by an unknown person over the weekend. Deputy Lemmon responded to the residence and found the blue and white bicycle on the street, in front of Kountz’s residence. Deputy Lemmon took possession of the bicycle and later booked it into the Glenn County Sheriff’s evidence room for safe keeping.

1:24 p.m., Deputy Tuma was detailed to the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office lobby for a report about threats. Deputy Tuma contacted Jeremiah and John Spooner, who said they were in a litigation with other members of their family over their mother’s estate. Jeremiah and John Spooner said they heard through a family friend the other members of the family were going to do something to the family property where Jeremiah and John Spooner resided. Deputy Tuma learned the properties were located at 6789 and 6871 County Rd 39. It was determined nothing criminal had occurred. Deputy Tuma said their concerns would be documented and extra patrol provided.

2:39 p.m., Thomas Mello contacted Glenn County Communications and requested a woman be admonished for trespassing from his property in Hamilton City. Mello reported the property was located on Highway 32, between Sacramento Avenue and the Irvine Finch River Access. Deputies responded to the area and located Michele Urrutia in the area at an established encampment, within an orchard, about 150 yards south of Highway 32. Urrutia said she was involved in an argument with an orchard worker earlier in the day. Urrutia was ultimately told of the complaint and stated she would leave the area later in the day or in the early morning of the following day, June 2.

3:52 p.m., staff at Enloe Medical Center in Chico contacted Glenn County Communications and reported a victim of assault was set to be released from the facility. Staff informed Glenn County Communications the victim was assaulted at an unknown location between Willows and Orland. Deputies contacted the victim, via the provided telephone number, at about 5:32 p.m. The victim said he did not know the location of the incident and did not want to pursue the matter criminally. The victim further said he went to Enloe Medical Center for precautionary reasons and only suffered minor injuries.

4:23 p.m., deputies were dispatched to a report of a physical altercation in the area of 141 South Crawford Avenue, Willows. Deputies contacted Walter Michael, 31, who said he was in a physical fight with his brother, Warren Michael, 29, over a disagreement. Both parties were contacted. Both declined to pursue criminal charges and neither party had visible injuries.

6:19 p.m., deputies responded to 1460 Esperanza Avenue in Hamilton City for a request for a welfare check on children. An anonymous caller reported she had been kicked out of the residence by Richard Chand, Zulema Medina, and Michelle Urrutia because they were going to use drugs. The caller was worried that the children in the residence were going to do drugs. Deputies arrived and contacted Chand’s 15-year-old grandson and a 14-year-old child at the residence. Chand, Medina, and Urrutia were not at the residence. Both children appeared to be healthy and no apparent exigency for detainment was discovered at the residence. An 11166 CPS form was ultimately completed and forwarded to the Glenn County Child Protective Services for further investigation.

10:11 p.m., Deputy Thompson was dispatched to a report of an alarm activation at a farm at 9055 Highway 162. Deputies responded to the scene and checked the property. The buildings were secure and there were no signs of entry. Nothing suspicious was noted or observed.

10:11 p.m., Ben Carrillo contacted the sheriff’s office, requesting assistance at the Motel 6, 452 North Humboldt Avenue, Willows. Carrillo said his father, who is in an altered mental state, would not get into his vehicle so he could take him home. Deputy Tuma contacted Carrillo, who said his father agreed to get into the vehicle and they no longer needed assistance.

11:08 p.m., Deputy Thompson was dispatched to a report of an unknown person trespassing and possibly attempting to steal equipment in Butte City. The incident was occurring in a field west of County Road Z and north of Highway 162. Deputies responded to the area and contacted Chad Christman of Chico in his blue Dodge truck on the property. Christman said he used to be a member of the duck club and was looking for a place to sit and think. Christman was detained while deputies contacted the lease holder for the property, Travis Amoth. Amoth requested Christman leave the property and declined to pursue a criminal complaint. Deputies confirmed Christman was not under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance and he was released from the scene.

Wednesday, June 2:

9:05 a.m., a Glenn Ride employee reported a man was at the business, 258 North Butte Street, Willows, causing a disturbance over a cellular phone he lost. The reporting party said the incident occurred shortly before and the man had left prior to the report. Deputies responded and determined the man was Robert Dingman. Deputies contacted Dingman at his residence at 650 North Butte Street, Willows, and counselled him on his behavior.

11 a.m., Fabiola Mata of 345 Los Robles Avenue, Hamilton City, contacted Glenn County Communications and requested to speak with a deputy regarding a complaint about a neighbor. Deputies contacted Mata via telephone, as requested. Mata said her neighbor at 335 Los Robles Avenue broke the windows to their vehicle about two hours prior and she later observed him with a pocket knife in the roadway. Mata described a separate event which took place around 3 a.m. on June 2, where the same neighbor played loud music. Mata did not know her neighbor’s name and did not request he be contacted.

11:36 a.m., Gregorio Rodriguez of Artois called and reported his son, Brian Rodriguez, of the Capay District, was at the residence and refused to leave. Gregorio Rodriguez said Brian Rodriguez was inside the residence by himself. Deputies responded to the residence at 625 Main Street, Artois. Deputies knocked on the front door multiple times, with no answer. Communications later notified Gregorio Rodriguez that no one answered at the residence.

12:15 p.m., Barbara Baker contacted Glenn County Communications and requested to speak with a deputy regarding suspicious circumstances inside her residence at 6231 County Road 17, Orland. Baker reported she believed someone placed cameras in her residence and stated she could hear noises. Deputies attempted contact with Baker via telephone, as requested, with no success. Baker was ultimately left a voicemail message and requested to re-contact the sheriff’s office.

12:32 p.m., Anthony Russo contacted Glenn County Communications to report Ruth Word using his water from his residence at 135 North Crawford Avenue, Willows. Deputies responded and contacted Russo outside of his residence. Russo said Word had removed several fence boards to access his backyard and helped herself to his water spigot. Russo declined the pursue the matter criminally and requested Word be counselled on her behavior. Deputies contacted Word in the backyard of 141 North Crawford Avenue and she was counselled on her behavior.

2:47 p.m., an anonymous person called and reported possible trespassing at an abandoned mobile home at 340 Sierra Avenue, Hamilton City. Deputies contacted the occupants, Martin Fuentes and Sally Douglas. Fuentes said the owner, Jesus Campos of Butte City, gave them permission to be inside the residence. Communications attempted contact with Campos, with no success.

2:48 p.m., deputies were dispatched to a report of a physical disturbance between four men in the area of 335 Los Robles in Hamilton City. Deputies contacted Misael De Jesus, 24, and Fernando De Jesus Hilario, 48. Hilario reported he and his son, Misael, got into an altercation in the street after Misael started breaking glass bottles and kicking Hilario’s car. Hilario said two people driving by stopped to help. Misael approached the two people yelling and cussing. Hilario said one of the people struck Misael on the mouth and then left the area. Misael was unable to provide any identifying information for the other involved people and declined medical attention. During the course of the investigation, Misael walked off his property into the roadway. Misael admitted to drinking about four beers prior to the incident. Misael was belligerent, flashing gang signs, and would not sit still. Misael submitted to a PAS test, which allegedly showed his blood alcohol level to be approximately 0.10 percent (just above the legal limit for drinking and driving). Misael was determined to be unable to care for himself and was placed under arrest for public intoxication. He was transported to the Glenn County Jail, where he was released to jail staff for booking.

3:34 p.m., Kayla Lutz requested a deputy conduct an area check in the 400 block of North Plumas Street, Willows, after she observed a suspicious pickup truck in the area. Deputies responded and located the reported pickup truck. A records check showed the registered owner of the pickup resided in the 400 block of North Plumas Street. Deputies did not observe anything suspicious in the immediate area. Lutz was briefed on the call for service.

7:03 p.m., deputies located an elderly man lying on the walkway of his residence at 222 North Lassen Street in Willows. Deputies contacted the man, who was identified as Michael Rustenhoven. Deputies assisted Rustenhoven until Enloe paramedics and Willows Fire Departmen staff arrived on scene and ultimately transported Rustenhoven.

7:32 p.m., Deputy Thompson was dispatched to contact Anthony Pointes via telephone regarding his neighbor possibly shooting chickens. The deputy contacted Pointes, who said several days prior he noticed one of his chickens dead near his porch at 4560 County Road FF, Orland. Pointes said he spoke with his neighbor regarding the matter. The neighbor said he shot the chicken when it entered his property. Pointes requested information on the matter and asked the neighbor be counseled. Deputy Thompson was diverted from this incident by a priority call for service. This incident was later forwarded to animal control.

7:58 p.m., Deputy Thompson was dispatched to a report of a patient who had barricaded himself or herself inside a room and consumed an unknown amount of prescription medications in an attempt at self-harm. The patient, in Hamilton City, eventually agreed to leave the room and was transported to Enloe Medical Center in Chico for treatment. A mental health detention was placed on the patient and Glenn County Behavioral Health was notified.

8:57 p.m., Karina Diaz of 639 North Butte Street, Willows, requested a phone call from a deputy in regards to ongoing issues with Robert Dingman, who she (correctly) believed lived across the street. Deputy Ramirez contacted Diaz, who said she did not wish to have a deputy respond. Diaz said she and her fiancé were constantly getting harassed and threatened by Dingman. Diaz said whenever they would exit their residence the harassment would begin. Diaz requested to only have the issues documented and was provided with restraining order information.

10:06 p.m., Deputy Tuma was involved in a non-injury traffic collision at 240 Sacramento Ave, sp. #35, Hamilton City. The CHP responded and conducted a traffic collision investigation.

10:06 p.m., Christine Erickson requested a welfare check on a woman who was sitting in the ditch across the street from her. Deputies searched the area around 6491 County Road 21, but did not find the described woman. Deputy Ayres contacted Erickson, who said the unknown woman left about 10 minutes after she (Erickson) called.

11:07 p.m., deputies were dispatched to 949 West Elm Street in Willows for a report of a possible assault with a weapon. Brandy Pustjovsky reported her boyfriend, Joshua Hasselbring, had been assaulted by their neighbor. Deputies contacted Kyle West, who was identified as the man who had assaulted Hasselbring at 939 West Elm Street. Deputies initiated an investigation and were unable to determine if any weapon was used. Deputies discovered a physical altercation had allegedly occurred between Hasselbring and West after Hasselbring attempted to confront West about a firework that had been detonated. Hasselbring had a laceration on the top of his head and wished to pursue criminal charges against West. West was ultimately issued a citation and released for alleged assault and battery.

Thursday, June 3:

7:15 a.m., deputies responded to 650 North Butte Street, Willows, for multiple reports of Robert Dingman yelling outside of the residence. Deputies contacted Dingman near the street. He was told of the complaint and agreed to quiet down and go inside residence.

9:05 a.m., Catina Lyons of 956 North Butte Street, Willows, contacted Glenn County Communications to report a harassment. Deputies contacted Lyons at her residence in Willows. She reported a neighbor had called the sheriff’s office to complain about her barking dog and she was cited for it by animal control. Lyons believed the call for service and the citation were a harassment. Deputies explained to Lyons the incident was not a harassment, but rather a call for service, and attempted to explain the reason for the citation.

9:12 a.m., deputies were dispatched to Circle K, 210 West Wood Street, Willows, for a report of two men engaged in an argument. Upon arrival, deputies contacted Robert Dingman, and determined he was involved in an argument with a second man over a parking stall. Dingman was in possession of a 20-ounce soft drink and a lit cigarette while he advanced towards an on-scene sergeant. Dingman was given multiple orders to drop the items and stop advancing. He allegedly did not comply and the sergeant forcibly removed the items from Dingman’s hand. Dingman was placed under arrest for allegedly resisting or delaying orders and he was transported to the Glenn County Jail.

9:22 a.m., Marilyn Ponci called and reported Steven Stoltenberg on her property at 6746 County Road 19, Orland, threatening her dogs. Ponci said she wanted Stoltenberg counseled and admonished for trespassing. Deputy Lemmon responded to Stoltenberg’s residence on County Road 19 in Orland. Deputy Lemmon attempted to make contact with Stoltenberg, with no success.

10:15 a.m., deputies were dispatched to 1062 Elm Street, Willows, for a report of a vehicle collision. Upon arrival, deputies contacted the involved parties, Nora Coon, Susana Castaneda and Angela Velazquez, and conducted an on-scene investigation. It was determined Coon drove her red Ford Escape east on Elm Street, from South Villa Avenue, when the sun obstructed her vision and she reached to the passenger seat to grab something. Coon did not keep her vehicle straight and it struck Castaneda’s unoccupied black Chevrolet Silverado. The impact of the first collision caused Castaneda’s Chevrolet Silverado to move forward (eastbound) and collide with Velazquez’s unoccupied black Ford Explorer. Coon did not suffer any injuries. Deputies stood-by and assisted all parties with exchanging information.

10:18 a.m., Glenn County Communications reported CHP officers were responding to the area of Highway 32 and Sierra Avenue in Hamilton City for a woman walking on the shoulder with a baby. Deputy Lemmon responded and checked the area. Deputy Lemmon later located the woman, Michelle Urrutia, in her homeless camp hear Irvine Finch park. Urrutia had a child with her. Deputy Lemmon ultimately initiated an investigation. During the investigation, the whereabouts of the mother, Tabitha Rodriguez, were unknown. Glenn County Child Protective Services were called and responded. The child was ultimately released to the care of CPS.

11:17 a.m., Mark Entz contacted Glenn County Communications and requested a deputy at 600 North Humboldt Avenue, apt. #190, Willows, to assist his daughter, Breanna Entz. Mark Entz reported Breanna Entz contacted him and stated her boyfriend, Zachary Boster, caused a disturbance inside of the residence with their children present. Deputies responded and conducted an on-scene investigation. It was determined the disturbance was an argument and Breanna Entz stated Boster did not get physical or attempt to stop her or the children from leaving. Deputies ultimately stood-by while Breanna Entz gathered various belongings and she and her children left with Mark Entz.

12:58 p.m., Karen Wagenman contacted Glenn County Communication to report a vehicle collision in the 200 block of West Sycamore Street, Willows. Deputies contacted Wagenman in the U.S Bank parking lot, 221 West Sycamore Street, and initiated an investigation. Wagenman reported she had accidently side-swiped a power-pole as she backed out of her parking spot. Wagenman’s 1999 Toyota 4-Runner sustained minimal damage to the rear passenger panel and bumper and there was insignificant damage to the power-pole. Wagenman’s insurance information was documented in the event there was any monetary damage.

2:32 p.m., deputies responded to Walmart for a report of a woman yelling in the northwest area of the parking lot. Deputies arrived at the location and conducted an extensive area check but were unable to locate the reported woman.

3:07 p.m., Larry Drewry, an employee with Walmart, contacted the sheriff’s office, reporting a man was inside the store and touching female employees inappropriately. Deputies responded and contacted Julian Martinez, who matched the description. After an on-scene investigation, Martinez was placed under arrest for alleged sexual battery by touching an intimate part of another person. Martinez was transported to the Glenn County Jail, where he was released to jail staff for booking.

3:58 p.m., Bay Alarm called and reported an alarm activation at 4088 County Road H in Orland. Deputy Lemmon responded and contacted a family member at the residence, who said he was working on the well and accidently set the alarm off. Deputy Lemmon found the alarm call accidental.

4:51 p.m., Butte Home Health and Hospice contacted Glenn County Communications and reported the expected death of Willows resident Patsy Walton, 70. Walton had pre-existing illnesses and was entered into hospice on May 30. Walton’s daughter (next of kin) was present at the time of Walton’s death. F.D. Sweet and Son Mortuary of Willows will be contacted by Butte Home Health and Hospice staff.

8:32 p.m., Glenn County Communications issued a Be On the LookOut (BOLO) for a reported reckless driver traveling north on Highway 99, exiting the city limits of Orland. The vehicle was described as a silver Honda Accord. Deputy Ramirez located the Honda traveling north on Highway 99 at County Road 7 and observed poor driving. The deputy conducted a traffic stop on the Honda on County Road 5, west of Highway 99, and contacted Angelena Reyes, who allegedly showed obvious signs of intoxication. The CHP arrived and the investigation was turned over to them. Reyes was ultimately placed under arrest for allegedly driving while under the influene.

8:35 p.m., Deputy Tuma was detailed to a 911 hang-up, transferred from Chico CHP, with the sound of woman in an argument on the line in the area of County Road 27 and Highway 99. Deputy Tuma learned the phone number came back to a man named Joshua Conrad, who was contacted by a deputy earlier in the day during a traffic stop. Conrad was with a woman, who was identified as Courtney Jackson, in a black Chevy Tahoe. Deputy Tuma conducted a thorough search of the area but the vehicle was gone on his arrival.

8:56 p.m., Bayliss fire personnel, Westside Ambulance, and deputies were dispatched to 7365 County Road 41 for a report of a two-year-old who was drowning. Glenn County Communications reported CPR had been performed and the child was now breathing. The child was ultimately transported to Enloe Medical Center by FlightCare. Deputy Tuma completed a 11166 PC report and it was forwarded to Glenn County CPS for documentation.

10:52 p.m., a teenager reported his mother being assaulted by his teenage sister. The sister threatened to kill the mother prior to leaving the residence. Deputy Ayres contacted mother and her son. Deputy Ayres located the suspect at 395 Los Robles Avenue. After an on-scene investigation, the suspect was arrested for misdemeanor battery and felony criminal threats. The suspect was transported to the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office, where she was turned over to the on-call probation officer. The suspect was later booked into the Tehama County Juvenile Hall Detention Center.

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