Glenn County Sheriff’s Log

Here are some selected incident reports from the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office.

Thursday, June 24:

2:10 a.m., Orland police officers located a residential fire at 504 Third Street. Orland Fire Department responded and found a deceased man in the residence. Deputy Ramirez initiated a coroner’s investigation. The decedent was identified as Daniel Molen.

4:54 p.m., Marcella Pena contacted the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office to report a traffic collision. Deputy Chavez responded to the Walmart parking lot in Willows. Pena told Deputy Chavez a tan 2004 Honda (California license plate #8VWU039) backed up into her 2017 Nissan Maxima, then drove away. Pena did not see the driver and could not identify the person driving the Honda. Pena did record the vehicle driving away and provided Deputy Chavez with the Honda’s license plate. Pena’s vehicle had minor damage on the front passenger headlight and bumper. Pena did not want to pursue criminal charges, she only requested assistance finding the vehicle involved. Deputy Chavez responded to the Honda’s current registered address but was not able to locate the vehicle.

Friday, June 25:

2:17 a.m., Deputy McIntyre was dispatched to the Orland Police Department on a report of a possible sexual abuse. Upon arrival, contact was made with an adult female who reported her 16-year-old nephew sexually abused her six-year-old daughter.

4:34 p.m., Taco Bell employees in Willows requested law enforcement due to a man trying to pass a counterfeit $20 bill. Deputies responded and met with Taco Bell Manager, Brandy Chandar, who alleged former employee Christopher Loecsh tried to use a counterfeit bill and soon left prior to receiving his food. Deputies initiated an investigation.

6:25 p.m., Nicole Kringle reported a burglary at 4754 Fourth Avenue, Orland, where several items were stolen. Deputy Lourenzo responded and contacted Kringle, who said about $2,553 worth of cash and property were stolen from the Capay Assembly of God Church. A report was taken and an investigation was initiated. No suspect information was provided.

7:12 p.m., an employee from St. Elizabeth’s Community Hospital, Red Bluff, reported a patient was admitted with a non-life-threatening self-inflicted gunshot wound that reportedly occurred somewhere in Orland. Deputy Lourenzo was dispatched. An investigation was initiated and is ongoing. The victim is named in the sheriff’s log item and Andres Calisto-Cordero, 155 Sacramento Avenue, Hamilton City.

Saturday, June 26:

10:38 a.m., deputies responded to the area of Merrill Avenue and Cedar Street in Willows for a report of a suspicious gray Nissan Versa continually driving up and down the alleyway. Deputies located a vehicle matching the description and conducted an investigative stop on it. The driver of the vehicle was identified as Jamilee Tabor, who said she was not from the area. Tabor stated she going to churches to receive assistance with her travels. Tabor also claimed to be from the military and was looking for soldiers to start a base. After speaking with Tabor, it was determined her activity was odd but not criminal. Tabor had nearly a full tank of gas, had recently eaten and had access to water. Tabor was not a danger to herself and presented no intent to harm others. Tabor did not meet the criteria for 5150 W&I. Tabor was provided with information on nearby services and asked not to repeatedly drive up and down the same alley with no purpose or business in the area.

5:44 p.m., Deputy McIntyre responded to 1201 West Wood Street, apt. #31, Willows, on a report of a cold burglary that occurred within the last two days. Contact was made with Mary Roa, who said someone damaged the deadbolt on the front of her apartment while she was gone for two days. Roa reported several items were missing from the apartment.

Sunday, June 27:

12:09 p.m.,

1052 South St,111;GC

Orland police officers and Glenn County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the Orland Inn, 1052 South Street, rm. #111, regarding a possible suicide. Law enforcement arrived on scene and found 50 Y/O Vernon Wilkinson, 50, of Brighton, Ill., deceased. Deputies initiated an coroner’s investigation and were able to notify next of kin, Valarie Bettord in St. Louis, Mo. Sweet-Olsen Family Mortuary responded and took possession of the decedent.

Monday, June 28:

4:30 p.m., Erin Wright with Glenn Medical Center, 1133 West Sycamore Street, Willows, contacted the sheriff’s office, reporting the expected death of Alfredo Hernandez, 82, of Orland. The decedent entered into comfort care on June 21 and was diagnosed with pre-existing medical conditions. Next of kin and wife, Lydia Hernandez, and other family were contacted and made aware of the decedent’s death. Reichert’s Funeral & Cremation Services of Citrus Heights was contacted and the decedent was released into their care.

6:31 p.m., Matthew Garcia reported an envelope containing $5,925 had been stolen from his unlocked Nissan Rogue while parked in front of 1255 Brennan Place in Willows. Deputy Ramirez contacted Garcia by phone and took a report. The sheriff’s log item names Cherie Jeanette Garcia of Bayliss as the victim.

7:45 p.m., Deputy Thompson was dispatched to a report of an assault. Kym Casperson of Enloe Medical Center reported a patient had entered the hospital with injuries sustained during a physical altercation. Deputy Thompson contacted Edson Gomez of Orland, who said he had been drinking in Chico on Saturday night and when he woke up he had sustained injuries to his face and arm. Gomez declined to make a report and could not or would not disclose where the incident occurred.

Tuesday, June 29:

1:11 p.m., the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office SAFE team contacted David Carlile, who was allegedly found to be out of compliance pursuant to his sex registration requirements. Deputy Lemmon conducted an investigation and ultimately placed Carlile under arrest. Carlile was taken to the Glenn County Jail for booking.

8:14 p.m., deputies responded to a report of a woman running from a shirtless man in the area of County Roads 200 and C. While en route, deputies were told that these two people were on the ground, fighting. After this, it was reported that the woman was on the ground, no longer screaming, and the man was walking towards the road. Orland police officers and sheriff’s deputies contacted Kevin Terwillerger and Shannon Jackson. After an on-scene investigation the reporting party, both people reported no physical assaults occurred. Terwillerger and Jackson were looking in the area for help due to the vehicle they were coming back from the lake in was disabled.

9:47 p.m., Gabriel Marie Dougherty alleged Scott Collier assaulted her and her mother, Pamela Sanders, at 6363 County Road 14, Orland. While en route, it was reported that a man attempted to force his way into Michael Bryan’s residence at 6369 County Road 14, Orland. Deputies contacted the involved parties except for Collier, who was gone on arrival and deputies were unable to locate him. Bryan reported his neighbor coming over and him walking the neighbor to the back of the property. Dougherty reported Collier stealing her cellphone forcefully while she was holding a newborn baby and saying she was calling the police during a domestic violence incident. Sanders reported being pushed and pulled around by Collier. Collier was confirmed to have local warrants and on probation.

Wednesday, June 30:

4:09 a.m., deputies were detailed to a report of a suspicious man looking into vehicles in the parking lot of 1201 West Wood Street, Willows. Deputies contacted Leonel Gutierrez-Rodriguez in the area. Gutierrez-Rodriguez matched the description provided and told deputies he was in possession of narcotics and paraphernalia. After investigation, Gutierrez-Rodriguez was arrested for allegedly being under the influence of a controlled substance, possession of narcotics and possession of narcotics paraphernalia.

8:29 a.m., Mary Jane Pustejovsky was referred to the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office regarding an abandoned vehicle along Highway 162 in Butte City. Upon further investigation, it was determined the reported vehicle, a 1988 Ford pickup (Calif. License plate #8Y75319), was associated with a previous burglary (GCSO Incident No. 21-019457). Deputies contacted the registered owner, Thomas Wood, and advised him to retrieve his vehicle prior to July 2, or it would be towed. (On Sunday, June 20, at 7:47 a.m., deputies responded to a burglary in Butte City at 102 Shasta Street. Deputies arrived on scene and met with the reporting party, Arturo Moralas. He said he observed two adults on his property in the early morning hours. He contacted the adults, at which point he noticed them stealing items from his property. Moralas said the adults left on a black motorcycle. Moralas told Deputy Turner that he was able to get all his property back and was not missing anything from his property.)

12:26 p.m., the California Highway Patrol received a report of a single-vehicle rollover on Interstate 5, north of Highway 32, in Orland. Glenn County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the scene. Deputies assisted with traffic control until they were no longer needed.

12:58 p.m., while driving through the Cedar Hills apartment complex parking lot, Deputy Garcia saw Ricardo Rodriguez, who the deputy recognized from previous contacts, exit an apartment. Deputy Garcia had prior knowledge Rodriguez had an outstanding warrant. Deputy Garcia contacted Rodriguez in the parking lot and requested a wants and warrants check through Glenn County Communications. A records check confirmed Rodriguez had an outstanding felony warrant out of Glenn County. Rodriguez was arrested and booked into the Glenn County Jail. His bail was set at $20,000 dollars.

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