Winds knock down power lines behind OPD

Glenn County Observer

As Orland firefighter (and former PG&E worker) Dave Kelly approaches, a PG&E employee in the background repairs the lines in the alley behand the Orland Police Department, Post Office, and City Hall Wednesday afternoon. Glenn County Observer photo by Larry Judkins.

Wednesday was a very windy day, and there were numerous calls of lines blown onto the ground around the county.

Most of these were phone and cable lines, but at least one line was an actual power line.

At about 3:30 p.m., Sgt. Sean Johnson of the Orland Police Department reported a line had fallen and it and a transformer were arcing in the alley behind the post office and police station.

Employees inside city hall reported the noise sounded like empty trash cans blowing around the alleyway.

The Orland Fire Department quickly arrived on the scene and access to the alley was blocked off.

One line could be seen resting on the roof of an outbuilding behind one of the residences on Third Street.

PG&E soon had the power in the area shut off and began repairing the problem.

The post office, of course, lost its power and its employees closed the blinds and locked the doors to the lobby.

Some customers, unaware of what was going on behind the post office, wondered why it had closed early.

They were made aware by other customers of the problem behind the post office.

The power problem was soon fixed.

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