Man suffers multiple stab wounds in fight near Orland

By Larry Judkins

Glenn County Observer

A man from Thornton, Calif., was “stabbed several times” in a fight south of Orland early New Year’s Eve.

At about 7:24 p.m., Glenn County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to 3992 Highway 99, between County Roads 25 and 27, on a report of an altercation involving a knife.

Shortly after the call went out, a deputy asked for an update on the location.

The dispatcher said the reporting party “is stating they are outside the property.”

The deputy then asked if it is the mobile building, or the single residence.

The sheriff’s dispatcher responded, “The RP states that he is near the multiple buildings.”

At about 7:31 p.m., the Orland Fire Department dispatcher said, “Attention Orland fire personnel: Stage outside the area until PD clears the scene; stabbing victim; 3992 Highway 99 W.”

Deputies began arriving on scene and observed a Hispanic male adult fleeing the area. A deputy said, “We’ve got one running in field south of our location.”

A moment later, a deputy said, “One at gunpoint,” then, “One detained.”

A deputy then reported that they were attempting to locate a victim, “if we have one.”

A law enforcement officer asked, “Is anyone outstanding [unaccounted for]?”

At about 7:36 p.m., the Orland fire dispatcher announced, “Fire personnel are clear to enter the scene.”

A deputy suggested a perimeter be set up and they “start talking to people.”

A deputy asked the sheriff’s dispatcher, “Do we have any history at this residence with a person named Alberto? Not sure of the last name.”

The dispatcher gave a last name (Melesio) and confirmed there has been a history.

Actually, just the previous day, at about 5:05 p.m., Deputy Thompson was dispatched to 3992 Highway 99 to contact Alberto Melesio “regarding information to a citizen. The deputy was unable to contact Melesio at his self-described address,” according to the sheriff’s log item.

As 8 p.m. on New Year’s Eve approached a law enforcement officer informed another one that there is a person “walking away from the house on the east side.”

Firefighters began leaving the scene. A minute or two after getting back to quarters, at about 7:58 p.m., the fire dispatcher requested firefighters return to the scene.

A firefighter asked about the ambulance, and, at 8:08 p.m., the dispatcher tells him it is coming from Corning.

The dispatcher tells a deputy that a patient at the hospital is trying to refuse care.

Shortly thereafter, firefighters were again back in quarters.

Meanwhile, deputies spoke with witnesses who alleged Alberto Melesio stabbed the victim, Alejandro Arnulfo Cruz Garcia of Thornton, several times.

Alberto Melesio-Molina, 27, of Orland, was booked into the Glenn County Jail on charges alleging attempted murder, and battery with serious bodily injury (both felonies), and a warrant alleging failure to appear on a misdemeanor charge.

His total bail was set at $188,000.

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