Glenn County Sheriff’s Log

Here are recent incident reports from the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office.

Friday, June 18:

12:30 a.m., deputies were dispatched to 872 North Butte Street for a report of an unknown type of disturbance. Deputies responded to the scene and observed David Zuniga assaulting two women. Deputies intervened and detained Zuniga after a short struggle. After investigation, Zuniga was arrested for several felony assault charges.

7:43 a.m., the owner of the Artois Market, 345 Front Street, reported the business received a counterfeit $5 bill the previous day. Deputy Goodwin responded and collected the counterfeit bill, which would be sent to the U.S. Secret Service.

11:22 a.m., an employee of Motel 6 in Willows contacted the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office to report Robert Dingman was refusing to leave a room. Deputy Chavez responded and contacted Dingman, who was told of the complaint and agreed to check out and move along.

1:10 p.m., Deputy Chavez was dispatched to a welfare check on a woman who was in the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office lobby who appeared confused. Deputy Chavez contacted Mary Taylor, who was upset because she had received a scam call from an unknown person requesting money. Taylor did not need medical assistance. She did not release any personal or financial information to the caller and was provided with resources to help her if the caller attempted to contact her in the future.

2:31 p.m., Charlie Kelley of Willows contacted the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office to report a child custody issue with her juvenile son’s father, Francisco Andrade-Venegas. Deputy Chavez was dispatched and contacted Kelley, who said her son was with Andrade-Venegas on vacation and she has not been able to speak with her son since June 10. Kelley said Andrade-Venegas is supposed to allow her to speak to her son while they are on vacation. Kelley requested the incident be documented.

4:36 p.m., deputies were dispatched to 6155 Highway 162, sp. C14, Willows, for a report of a disturbance between Scott Hanson and Jonathan Hanson. While en-route, Glenn County Communications said Jonathan Hanson had an outstanding warrant issued for his arrest, out of Glenn County. Deputies arrived at the location and conducted an on-scene investigation. Scott Hanson ultimately declined to pursue charges for vandalism. Jonathan Hanson was arrested and booked into the Glenn County Jail. His bail was set at $9,000.

5:01 p.m., Casara Worthington-Fragoso of Willows contacted the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office to report a child custody issue with Billy Galbraith, of Willows. Deputy Chavez was dispatched and contacted Worthington-Fragoso by telephone, as requested. Worthington-Fragoso said Galbraith was not abiding to a mediation agreement and refused to drop off their child. Deputy Chavez contact Galbraith and determined the visitation did not begin until Aug. 6, 2021. Both parties were counseled on their behavior.

5:18 p.m., while en route to a call for service, Deputy Chavez observed two men in an argument at Sycamore Park in Willows. Deputy Chavez separated the two men, who were identified as Aaron Millsaps of Willows and James Steward of Orland. Deputy Chavez initiated an investigation and determined Steward allegedly started a fire in the park. Deputy Chavez placed Steward under arrest and transported him to the Glenn County Jail, to be booked by jail staff.

5:45 p.m., Deputy McIntyre received a cross-report from Adult Protective Services regarding possible elder abuse. The matter is under investigation.

6:41 p.m., an unknown Hispanic female called 911, which went to the CHP, and stated something about her husband in Spanish. The CHP got a translator on the line but the unknown female refused to communicate with the translator and hung up the phone. The CHP attempted to call back the number but no one answered. Deputies responded and checked the area of Sixth Avenue and Cutting Avenue in the Capay District. Deputies did not locate anything suspicious and attempted contact at several residences in the area, with no luck.

6:48 p.m., Brandon Rodriguez reported a Hispanic male adult pulled into his driveway in a blue Nissan sedan, and had a girl in the backseat of the vehicle who was crying. According to Rodriguez, the man told him he found the girl a day ago. Willows CHP officers and Glenn County Sheriff’s deputies located the vehicle on Highway 99 near County Road 43 in Willows. Deputies contacted the driver of the vehicle, Erick Parra, and the girl. After an on-scene investigation, deputies learned Parra was the father of the girl and there was a confusion with Rodriguez. Deputies determined the girl was safe and did not observe anything out of the ordinary.

7:57 p.m., Lindsey Bauman requested a welfare check on a man who was yelling at himself near the post office in Willows. Bauman said the man had a black hat on and was riding a bicycle. Deputies responded and conducted an area check. After an extensive area check, deputies were unable to locate anyone in the area.

9:17 p.m., Glenn County Sheriff’s deputies, CHP officers, Willows Fire Department volunteers, and Enloe paramedics responded to the area of Highway 99 and County Road 43 for a report of an unresponsive man sitting in a vehicle. Erick Parra-Garcia, 44, and his nine-year-old daughter were contacted. After an on-scene investigation, Parra-Garcia was placed under arrest for alleged drug-related charges and child endangerment. The girl was detained and released into the custody of Glenn County Child Protective Services. Parra-Garcia was transported to the Glenn County Jail and released to jail staff for booking.

9:42 p.m., Lynn Head reported being in an argument with her husband, Michael Head, when he came home after allegedly crashing his pickup in Tehama County. Lynn Head further reported Michael Head sprayed her with a garden hose. Sergeant Draper, Deputy McIntyre and Orland police officers responded to 4222 County Road K and contacted Lynn Head, who said Michael Head left prior to law enforcement arrival. After investigation, it was learned Michael Head had sprayed the vehicle Lynn Head was sitting in, not spraying Lynn Head herself. Lynn Head alledged Michael Head was under the influence of alcohol as well. Deputies searched the area extensively but were unable to locate Michael Head. The Red Bluff CHP office was informed of the alleged vehicle collision.

11:39 p.m., Erin Pasero of Willows reported her foster daughter claimed to have taken a combination of pills in an attempt to overdose. Deputies responded and contacted Erin Pasero, Garrett Pasero, and the juvenile. Deputies spoke with the girl, who was talking and walking fine. The girl complained of a headache and admitted to taking a combination of pills. Fire personnel and paramedics arrived and evaluated the girl. Deputy Huichapan spoke with the Paseros while the girl was being evaluated. The Paseros told Deputy Huichapan the girl had a history of making these allegations and was diagnosed with mental health issues. The Paseros said they were with the girl and there was no way she took the combination of pills during the timeframe she provided. After the girl was evaluated, she was transported by ambulance to Glenn Medical Center for precautionary measures. Deputy Huichapan released the girl to the Paseros and advised them to contact their social worker to coordinate a better plan for the child.

Saturday, June 19:

1:10 a.m., Karen Borm of Willows contacted the sheriff’s office, reporting someone entered her motel room at the Blue Gum Motel, 2637 Highway 99, rm. #125, and stole two of her suitcases. Deputy Tuma was dispatched and contacted Borm, who said she did not wish to report the items as stolen and requested extra patrol for a suspicious vehicle throughout the night. Borm described the vehicle as a blue Mercedes. Borm was advised to contact the sheriff’s office if the suspicious vehicle returned.

4:37 a.m., Glenn County Sheriff’s deputies and Orland police officers responded to 826 Watts Avenue, Orland, for a deceased person. Upon arrival, it was determined Chong Yang, 93, had died in her sleep. Next of kin, Nhia Vue, was on scene. Sweet-Olsen Family Mortuary took custody of the decedent.

9:59 a.m., Deputy Goodwin was dispatched to 3916 County Road MM, Orland, for a report of a motion alarm activation. The residence was found to be secured and nothing suspicious was observed.

11:33 a.m., Deputy Goodwin was dispatched to El Toro Loco in Hamilton City for a report of a white female adult with short hair and a bicycle, yelling at customers in the parking lot. The woman was gone upon Deputy Goodwin’s arrival. Deputy Goodwin conducted an area check for the woman but was unable to locate her and had to divert to another priority call for service.

11:47 a.m., Debbie Brewster reported three people had just burglarized the shop on her property at 4694 County Road DD, west of Orland. Brewster said a man and woman fled on a black motorcycle, north on County Road DD. Brewster stated the other a man was wearing plaid shorts, carrying a laundry basket, and walking north on Road DD. Deputy Goodwin responded from Hamilton City. Orland Police Sergeant Cessna and Orland Police Officer Mills responded to assist. Sergeant Cessna located the man walking on Road DD. He was identified as Sean Talmadge. Deputy Goodwin contacted Debbie and Jeffrey Brewster. After an on-scene investigation, it was discovered the people had been staying in an RV in the shop. The Brewsters had not been in the shop for three weeks and stated the RV had been parked there for over 10 years. The matter was ultimately determined to be an issue of trespassing. The Brewsters did not wish to pursue the matter criminally. Talmadge was released from the scene.

3:28 p.m., Deputy Turner responded to the Walmart parking lot regarding a family standing outside and appeared to be in need of help. Deputy Turner arrived on scene and met with Giovanni Spirea, who said they were from Italy (but they also had an Anaheim address) and were here searching for work. Deputy Turner observed that the family was in possession of water and food. Spirea refused any assistance from law enforcement and said they would move long.

3:35 p.m., Deputy Goodwin was dispatched to 3916 County Road MM, Orland, for a report of a motion alarm activation. The residence was found to be secured and nothing suspicious was observed.

4:28 p.m., Deputy Chavez was dispatched to a residence in the 200 block of East Colusa Street in Orland to complete a welfare check on two dogs. Deputy Chavez responded and attempted to contact the homeowner but was unsuccessful. Deputy Chavez located the two dogs in a side yard with sufficient water, food, and shade. The dogs were in good health and spirits.

4:48 p.m., Deputy Goodwin was dispatched to 4694 County Road DD, west of Orland, for a report of people trespassing on the property. Deputies had already been out to the residence earlier in the day for a possible burglary or trespass involving three people. During the previous call for service, deputies were able to locate one man and identified him as Sean Talmadge. The other people were still outstanding. The reporting party described the people as being associated with a gold sedan and provided a license plate number. Sergeant Cessna with the Orland Police Department located the vehicle traveling on County Road 200, east of County Road E, and conducted a traffic stop. Deputy Goodwin responded to the scene of the stop. The driver of the vehicle had been identified as Tammi Dennis and the passenger had been identified as Julia Langworthy. After an on-scene investigation, it was determined Langworthy and Dennis were not associated with the earlier incident and had stopped at the property for unrelated reasons. A records check showed Langworthy had three warrants for her arrest out of Glenn County. Langworthy was arrested for the warrants and alleged possession of a controlled substance. Langworthy was transported to the Glenn County Jail, where she was booked.

6:07 p.m., deputies were dispatched to 986 North Plumas Street, Willows, for a report of a verbal disturbance between neighbors. Deputies arrived on-scene and contacted the involved parties, Rigoberto Valdez and Brock Perry. Valdez told deputies he was working on his car when Perry called him over to his property to have a conversation. Valdez and Perry were having a conversation that escalated into an argument when Valdez felt Perry was threatening him. Valdez was on court probation and felt Perry was threatening to violate his probation. Deputies spoke with Perry, who denied threatening Valdez. Perry told deputies he called Valdez over because he wanted to have a conversation with him. Deputies determined it was an argument only and provided both parties with information.

8:38 p.m., Deputy Tuma was dispatched to Mid Valley Vet, 4422 County Road N, Orland, for a reported alarm. Deputy Tuma conducted a check of the building and found everything to be secured with no signs of forced entry.

9:38 p.m., Haley from Glenn Medical Center reported the expected death of Epifania Garcia of Orland from pre-existing medical conditions. The decedent entered comfort care on June 17. Next of kin, Jorge Enrique (son) was on scene. Sweet-Olsen Family Mortuary of Orland was to handle funeral arrangements.

10:01 p.m., Lauren Bramhall of Red Bluff contacted the sheriff’s office, requesting a welfare check on her two-year-old daughter. Bramhall said her daughter was with her ex, Manuel Vargas, at 4851 County Road M, Orland. Bramhall said a family member sent her a screen shot of a Facebook post showing Vargas was drinking alcohol. Bramhall stated there was a custody order saying Vargas was not allowed to be drinking while he had custody of their daughter. Deputies attempted contact at the residence but it did not appear anyone was home and no one answered the door.

10:05 p.m., Kate Helgrin of Orland contacted the sheriff’s office reporting her neighbors playing loud music and requested they be told to turn the music down. Deputies contacted Jesus Gonzalez at the residence. Gonzalez was told of the complaint and he agreed to turn the music down.

10:24 p.m., deputies responded to 600 North Humboldt Avenue on a report of Pedro Cuin causing a disturbance near apt. #281. Upon arrival, contact was made with Cuin. During the investigation, it was learned that Cuin was on Glenn County probation with no alcohol stipulations. While talking with Cuin, Deputy McIntyre could smell the odor of an unknown alcoholic beverage coming from his person. Cuin was arrested for alleged violation of probation and booked into the Glenn County jail.

11:04 p.m., deputies were dispatched to 3641 County Road 306 in Elk Creek for a report of a 911 hang-up. Deputies responded and contacted Jose Pulido and a confidential victim (CV). The CV told deputies she contacted 911 because she saw an unknown man on the property and was afraid. The CV did not know who the man was or his direction of travel. While on-scene, Glenn County Communications said there was a criminal protective order out of Colusa County, where Pulido was the restrained party and the CV the protected party. After an on-scene investigation, Pulido was placed under arrest for alleged violation of the criminal protective order. Pulido was booked into the Glenn County Jail and released to the care and custody of jail staff without further incident.

Sunday, June 20:

2:16 a.m., deputies responded to 600 North Humboldt Avenue, apt. #263, Willows, on a report of a physical fight in progress. Upon arrival, contact was made with Francine Branca, Elizabeth Castilla and Vanessa Montoya, all of Willows. After further investigation, it was determined no physical fight had occurred. Branca and Castilla accused Montoya of wanting to fight them. Branca was provided with information regarding the restraining order process. The matter was mediated and settled by separation.

7:47 a.m., deputies responded to a burglary in Butte City at 102 Shasta Street. Deputies arrived on scene and met with the reporting party, Arturo Moralas. He said he observed two adults on his property in the early morning hours. He contacted the adults, at which point he noticed them stealing items from his property. Moralas said the adults left on a black motorcycle. Moralas told Deputy Turner that he was able to get all his property back and was not missing anything from his property.

8:24 a.m., Linda Long of 4494 County Road P, Orland, contacted the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office to report an ongoing issue with her neighbor regarding a property fence. Deputy Chavez was dispatched and contacted Long, who said the neighbor was building a fence but had stopped construction and left the area after she spoke with them. Deputy Chavez answered questions regarding the issue and referred Long to seek legal advice from an attorney regarding her options.

11:35 a.m., Elizabeth Castillo at the Cedar Hills apartments in Willows reported she was involved in a physical altercation on June 15 and wanted to make a report regarding ongoing harassment from the other involved parties. Deputy Goodwin contacted Castillo at her residence. Castillo stated she was unable to walk near the other peoples’ apartment without being harassed. Castillo was involved with an incident during the previous night where all parties were counseled and told to stay away from each other. Castillo stated she had not been harassed since law enforcement’s involvement. Castillo wanted to know her options proceeding forward. Castillo was provided with restraining order information. Castillo was also told she could contact the sheriff’s office if the people continued to harass her in the future.

1:53 p.m., the Glenn Fire Department and deputies responded to 8129 County Road 54 regarding an possible coroner’s investigation. Deputies arrived on scene and met with Jordan Knickerbocker, who said her brother, Carl Hipshire, 60, died. Deputy Turner confirmed the decedent’s death. Deputy Turner initiated a coroner’s investigation.

2:24 p.m., Matthew Manuel of Butte City called the sheriff’s office and reported a white female adult was seen on his property at 9256 Highway 162 and he believed the woman stole several hand tools. Deputy Turner responded and met with Manuel. After an investigation that led into Butte County, Manuel declined to pursue any criminal charges and did not want to make a police report.

4:34 p.m., Chantal Wendler contacted the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office to report her roommate, Shannon Hale, was not allowing her to get property from the residence at 4845 County Road C, west of Orland. Deputy Chavez responded. After speaking with all parties, the items were returned to Wendler. Both parties were counseled on their behavior and provided with other options to resolve the matter.

6:10 p.m., Leonor Quebedo of Butte City requested to speak with a deputy regarding child custody exchange issues. Deputy Huichapan contacted Quebedo via telephone, as requested. Quebedo told Deputy Huichapan that her ex-husband, Jose Jacobo, failed to return their daughter on this date as instructed by a court order. Quebedo requested Deputy Huichapan contact Jacobo and tell him to deliver custody of the child. Deputy Huichapan contacted Jacobo via telephone and he agreed to deliver the child to Quebedo. Quebedo and Jacobo agreed to make arrangements for the exchange of the child.

7:04 p.m., Yesenia Jimenez of Orland contacted the sheriff’s office, reporting her child’s father, Jacob Gonzalez of Willows, was refusing to complete a custody exchange per their agreement and requested information. Deputy Tuma contacted Gonzalez and Jimenez and learned the custody agreement was verbal only but a custody hearing was scheduled for next month. Both parties were advised the incident was a civil custody issue and they were provided with information.

7:16 p.m., Bud Powell reported an unknown male suspect was on his property at 6430 County Road 3, attempting to shoot at squirrels. Powell approached the man, who became belligerent. Powell informed the man he was on private property and the man eventually left. Powell said the suspect was driving a red Dodge Ram, Calif. License plate #8Y00101. Powell requested the suspect be admonished for trespassing if contacted. A records check on the pickup revealed it was registered to Cody Taresh of Orland. Deputy Huichapan attempted to contact Taresh at a residence in Orland, without success.

7:54 p.m., Deputy Tuma was dispatched to 919 Elm Street in Willows for a report of a 911 open line. While responding, Glenn County dispatch reported a male was on the line, saying his phone dialed 911 accidently. Deputy Tuma continued to the residence and contacted William Weinrich, who confirmed they did not need law enforcement assistance. Deputy Tuma did not observe signs of a disturbance.

9:06 p.m., Horacio Romo-Robles, an employee with the Dollar General in Hamilton City, reported a black male adult stole money from a donation drawer. Romo-Robles requested the suspect be admonished for trespassing if contacted and declined to pursue criminal charges for the theft. Deputy Huichapan responded to the area and located a suspect on Highway 32, east of County Road VV, who matched the description provided by Glenn County Communications. Deputy Huichapan contacted the suspect, who verbally identified himself as Nicholas Morgan and the deputy informed him of why he was being contacted. Morgan denied the allegations made Romo-Robles. A records check on Morgan through Glenn County Communications revealed an active misdemeanor warrant out of state that was not extraditable. Morgan was told of the warrant, admonished for trespassing from Dollar General, and provided with a courtesy ride.

9:34 p.m., Cristina Hernandez of Willows contacted the sheriff’s office, reporting her 16-year-old son and his stepdad, Alejandro Martinez, were in a physical altercation. Deputy Tuma was dispatched and contacted Hernandez and the juvenile, who both reported they were in an argument over the boy using a vape pen, when the boy struck Martinez on the face. Martinez was contacted and he declined to pursue criminal charges. Martinez was provided transportation to a local hotel. The incident was handled by mediation and separation. The child was counselled on the use of a vape pen.

9:36 p.m., Deputy McIntyre was dispatched to the area of South Tehama Street and Fern Street on an anonymous report of aerial fireworks. The area was checked but no aerial fireworks were observed.

10:22 p.m., the Glenn County Jail requested assistance with an uncooperative inmate, Kaelene Scritchfield of Willows. Deputies responded and assisted until no longer needed.

Monday, June 21:

2:17 a.m., Deputy Huichapan conducted a traffic enforcement stop on a 2002 Honda Odyssey in the area of County Road P and Highway 32. Deputy Huichapan contacted the driver, Justin Hall, 54, of Santa Cruz. Hall was found to have a suspended driver’s license due to DUI. Upon initial contact, Hall allegedly showed signs of being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Deputy Huichapan conducted a DUI investigation and performed field sobriety tests, which Hall performed poorly on. Hall was placed under arrest for allegedly driving while under the influence and was ultimately transported to the Glenn County Jail, after a blood draw. Hall was released to jail staff for booking on charges alleging DUI, driving while suspended, and other drug charges.

5:16 a.m., Fabian Arbarca-Velazquez contacted Glenn County Communications and reported vandalism to his vehicle in Hamilton City. Deputies responded and contacted Fabian, who said two male subjects were seen outside of his residence. Fabian’s father approached the two and they broke the driver’s side windows to Fabian’s 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer, then fled the area eastbound. Fabian estimated the cost to repair the windows would be $300. While on-scene, deputies spoke with Rosario Medina, who stated unknown subjects stole items from her unlocked vehicle around the same time. Medina stated a $200 pair of Coach Sunglasses were taken and $10 cellphone chargers.

5:39 a.m., Glenn County Jail staff requested assistance with an out-of-control inmate. Deputies responded and assisted until no longer needed.

8:03 a.m., Owen Scott contacted Glenn County Communications and reported theft from his unlocked vehicle at about 5:30 a.m. on this date. Deputies responded and contacted Scott, who said an unknown person entered his wife’s unlocked vehicle on Los Robles in Hamilton City and stole three pairs of reading glasses. Scott had video footage of the theft, but deputies were unable to identify the suspect. While on-scene, Scott was unable to provide a description or cost of the glasses.

8:11 a.m., Yecenia Jimenez of Orland contacted Glenn County Communications and requested to speak with a deputy regarding a child custody issue between she and Jacob Gonzalez. Deputies contacted Jimenez via telephone, as requested. Jimenez stated she and Gonzalez have a verbal custody agreement regarding their eight-year-old daughter. Jimenez stated on this date Gonzalez refused to take their daughter to summer school. Jimenez further stated summer school was not mandatory and said she and Gonzalez have a court date in July. Jimenez was ultimately provided with her options.

8:19 a.m., Darrell Schonauer of Orland contacted Glenn County Communications and requested to speak with a deputy regarding possible fraud. Deputies contacted Schonauer, via telephone, as requested. Schonauer reported he received a voicemail on his landline telephone, where an unknown man requested to purchase a dog. Schonauer advised he did not post any advertisements for a dog and stated he has not suffered any monetary loss. Schonauer was provided with information regarding the matter.

9:34 a.m., Pedro Hernandez of Willows came to the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office lobby to report a cold hit and run. Deputy Lemmon responded and contacted Hernandez, who said an unknown vehicle collided with his 2014 Subaru on June 19. Hernandez said the incident occurred sometime between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. Hernandez said his vehicle was parked in the area of Adams and Wood Streets. Hernandez said he did not witness the incident nor did he have suspect information.

9:50 a.m., Mike Dennis called and reported a suspicious woman walking in the area of First Avenue and Vine Street in Willows. Dennis said the woman was walking on people’s properties and appeared to be under the influence of an illegal drug. Deputies were dispatched and responded to the area. Deputy Lemmon contacted the woman, Maria Paniagua, who was found to have an outstanding parole warrant for her arrest. Deputy Lemmon took Paniagua into custody and allegedly found a glass-smoking pipe and a small baggie of a crystalline substance. Paniagua was ultimately transported to the Glenn County Jail for booking.

11:54 a.m., Gary Leeman contacted Glenn County Communications and requested to speak with a deputy regarding possible trespassing at 6061 County Road 20, in Orland. Deputies contact Leeman, who said multiple people were at his stepmother’s residence (Betty Leeman) and he did not know if they had permission to be there. Upon further investigation, it was determined Ellen Leeman is Betty’s caretaker and she and Russell Schaar were given permission by Betty to be at the residence. Deputies responded to the residence, spoke with Gary and Russell, and provided them with their options.

1:40 p.m., a social worker with Child Protective Service (CPS) requested a deputy respond to their office regarding a child detention. Deputy Garcia responded to 604 East Walker Street, Orland, and contacted the social worker, as requested. Deputy Garcia was informed the mother, Amber Fred, of a baby born on June 21 had tested positive for amphetamines at Enloe Hospital. Due to the test results, Deputy Garcia determined Fred could not provide the proper care for the baby and signed a detention form. The investigation is ongoing.

3:12 p.m., Steven Simleness contacted Glenn County Communications to report a cold theft of a bicycle from 870 North Butte Street, Willows. Deputy Garcia contacted Simleness via telephone. Simleness reported his Pedego e-bike was stolen on June 13 by an unknown suspect from his front yard. Simleness estimated his bicycle to cost $3,700.

3:14 p.m., Northstar Alarm Company called and reported an alarm activation at 268 North Sacramento Street in Willows. Deputy Lemmon responded to the residence. Deputy Lemmon contacted the resident, Neal McGeoghegan, who said the alarm activation was accidental and he did not need law enforcement’s assistance.

3:30 p.m., Jessica Ortega contacted Glenn County Communications and requested a welfare check on a man on the roadway near her driveway in the 4900 block of Highway 99, in Orland. Deputies responded to the address and contacted William Whatley, who was told of the complaint and said he did not need law enforcement assistance. Additionally, Whatley declined a ride back to his residence and declined an ambulance response. Whatley ultimately moved along.

5:55 p.m., Jeriamee Leeman reported his uncle, Gary Leeman, was unable to leave their property due to being boxed in by other vehicles. Deputies responded to 6061 County Road 20 in Orland and contacted the parties involved. After an on-scene investigation, deputies learned Gary Leeman had ample room to get out. Deputies spoke with Russel Schaar, who said he had permission to be on the property. After speaking with Schaar, he agreed to move his vehicle out of the way and provide more room for Gary Leeman to get by. Handled by mediation.

7:13 p.m., a Tractor Supply employee reported a Hispanic male was asleep in front of the business. The reporting party requested a welfare check on the man and that he be admonished from the property. Deputy Ramirez responded and located the man, who was identified as Hermelindo Salgado of Hamilton City. Salgado said he was getting rest in the shade and waiting for the bus. Salgado said he did not need any assistance and was ultimately admonished from the business.

7:24 p.m., Shawn Foley of the Capay District reported being in a verbal disturbance with his wife, Sabrina Palmer. Deputies responded to 4648 Sixth Avenue and contacted Foley. Deputies spoke with Foley, who said Palmer became upset when he made a comment regarding their truck payment. Foley said the argument was verbal only but reported a cold physical domestic disturbance with Palmer. Deputy Huichapan initiated an investigation.

9:32 p.m., Garret Vonseggern reported a man outside of his apartment at Cedar Hills was causing a disturbance and spraying him with a hose. Deputy Ramirez responded and contacted Antoine Bostic and a child playing with water in front of the apartment. Both parties denied any wrongdoing and agreed to leave Vonseggern alone. Vonseggern was provided with civil information. All parties were counselled.

11:15 p.m., Garret Vonseggern reported a possible burglary in progress at 600 North Humboldt Avenue, apt. #163, in Willows. Vonseggern said Nicholas Ruiz had entered the apartment through a window. Deputy Ramirez responded and contacted the residents of apt. #163. The residents said Ruiz was no longer at the residence but had permission to be there. The burglary was unfounded.

11:58 p.m., Ross Pritchett reported five or six possible gunshots heard near the alley behind 240 South Plumas Street, Willows. Deputies responded and searched the area. The area was quiet upon the deputies’ arrival and nothing suspicious was observed in the area.

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