Glenn County Sheriff’s Log

Here are some selected incident reports from the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office.

Saturday, Jan. 15:

4:34 p.m., Faylene Jarman contacted Glenn County Communications and reported an unknown juvenile threw clothing at her residence at 925 West Willow Street, Willows, from a package she expected a few days prior. Jarman additionally reported the clothing was filled with dog feces. Deputies responded and identified the child, who lives at residence nearby. Deputies contacted the child’s mother, Keri Mings, and facilitated the clothing being cleaned up and for the child to apologize, at the request of Jarman.

9:07 p.m., Glenn Medical Center staff reported the expected death of Francisco Gonzalez, 97, of Hamilton City. Gonzalez entered comfort care on Jan. 10, and suffered from preexisting health conditions, Covid-19. Next of kin, Ramon Garza, was notified of the decedent’s death. The decedent was released to the care of Sweet-Olsen Family Mortuary of Orland.

Sunday, Jan. 16:

6:49 p.m., Devin Wammack contacted the sheriff’s office, requesting to speak to a deputy regarding two reckless drivers on Wood Street, in Willows. Deputy Tuma was dispatched and contacted Wammack. Wammack said they were traveling east on Wood Street near the high school when two Dodge pickups drove past them and one of the pickups merged into their lane, cutting them off. Wammack was able to provide a license plate for one of the vehicles and said he followed them to a residence on North Ventura Street. Wammack requested the incident be documented and the drivers be counselled. Deputy Tuma responded to 235 North Ventura Street and contacted the two 17-year-old drivers. The children were told of the complaint and counselled on their driving.

8:50 p.m., Deputy Turner responded to the area of County Road 5 and Interstate 5 to assist California Highway Patrol with a traffic stop. Deputy Turner arrived on scene and assisted CHP officers until no longer needed.

Monday, Jan. 17:

10 a.m., Reporting party Paulina Aguilar called the Glenn County dispatch center to inform them that her boss’s utility trailer had been stolen from the Holiday Inn Express, 545 North Humboldt Avenue, Willows, the evening prior, Jan. 16. Aguilar is not the registered owner of the trailer. The owner of the vehicle was contacted by Aguilar and did not want to come sign the stolen vehicle report. No license plate or vehicle identification number was given to Deputy Sanzone for the trailer. Deputy Sanzone advised Aguilar to have the owner contact him when he is ready to make a stolen vehicle report.

4:22 p.m., Deputy Ramirez was dispatched to a physical altercation at 6085 County Road 17 in Orland. Fredrico Garcia reported his brother was being aggressive throughout the day and attacked his other brother, Apolinario Garcia. Deputy Ramirez arrived and contacted all the involved parties. Apolinario alleged his brother was paranoid and aggressive throughout the day and ultimately attacked him. Apolinario refused to pursue criminal charges, but asked his brother to seek help. Deputy Ramirez contacted the brother, who believed the devil and several other voices were speaking to him and encouraging him to hurt people. The brother said the voices were making him want to hurt others. Deputy Ramirez determined he fit the criteria for a mental health detainment. He was transported to the Glenn Medical Center and turned over to GMC staff.

7:55 p.m., Registered Nurse Ruby Khoury with Enloe Hospice reported the expected death of Jack Burman, 82, of Willows. Deputy Goodwin responded. The decedent had a pre-existing medical condition and was entered into hospice care on Dec. 23. Next of kin, Jackie Keyser, was present at the time of death. Arrangements were made with F.D. Sweet and Son Mortuary of Willows.

Tuesday, Jan. 18:

5:52 a.m., Samuel Cartwright arrived at the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office with a broken camouflaged Beretta 21-gauge shotgun he had found lying on County Road 68, in Glenn. Deputies contacted Cartwright, who was unable to provide any possible owners of the firearm. The firearm was turned over to deputies and ultimately booked into evidence as found property. Allen Thomas of Lakeport was later discovered to be the owner of the firearm. Thomas was contacted and told his firearm had been found. Thomas said he had lost it the day before while hunting and confirmed he would be making arrangements to retrieve the firearm.

9:02 p.m., deputies responded to 886 North Butte Street in Willows for a report of an intoxicated person lying on the front porch of the residence, refusing to leave. Deputies contacted Stephanie Wright on the front porch. She allegedly displayed obvious signs of intoxication. A breath test indicated Wright’s blood alcohol content was 0.325 percent, about four times the legal limit to drink and drive. It was determined Wright was too intoxicated to care for her safety or the safety of the public. She was subsequently arrested for allegedly being drunk in public. Wright was transported to Glenn Medical Center, where she was medically cleared to be booked into the jail. She was transported to the Glenn County Jail, where she was booked, to be released when sober.

9:13 p.m., Glenn County deputies were dispatched to 600 North Humboldt Avenue in Willows for a report of a disturbance. Deputies arrived on scene and contacted the victim and suspect, Manuel Villarreal-Magana, of Arbuckle. Deputies conducted an investigation and found Villarreal-Magana was allegedly in violation of multiple felonies. Villarreal-Magana was ultimately arrested for alleged domestic violence.

11:49 p.m., Alfonso Garcia of 6085 County Road 17, Orland, called 9-1-1, wanting to speak with a deputy regarding his brother kicking the wall when he was trying to fall asleep. Deputy Ayres confirmed that there was no emergency that Garcia was reporting. Garcia had been counseled earlier in the shift for this. Garcia was counseled again and warned of being arrested for violating his probation.

Wednesday, Jan. 19:

1:57 p.m., Detective Lopeteguy was conducting follow-up at 143 North Yolo Street, apt. #11, in Willows, when he met with Joshua Huffman. Huffman reported Hayden Oviedo as a missing person. Detective Lopeteguy completed a missing person report and entered Oviedo into the missing persons system.

8:54 p.m., California Highway Patrol officers were dispatched to a solo vehicle accident on northbound Interstate 5 near Highway 162 in Willows. CHP officers and deputies arrived on scene and contacted the solo occupant, Jeffrey Mattis of Orland. CHP officers found the incident was not a vehicle collision. During the investigation, K9 Orion was used to conduct a free air sniff around the vehicle. K9 Orion alerted on the presence of odor of a controlled substance. During the search of the vehicle, a loaded Glock firearm was located. Mattis was ultimately arrested for numerous felony charges.

Thursday, Jan. 20:

10:42 a.m., deputies responded to 320 Vine Street, unit B, Willows, for a report of a disturbance in progress between two brothers. Deputies arrived and identified the brothers as John Vasquez and a 16-year-old boy. Deputies conducted an on-scene investigation and learned the two were involved in an argument over video games. The victim stated the argument escalated and Vasquez struck him in the head several times with a closed fist and gouged his left eye. The victim complained of pain to the back of his head, his left eye was bloodshot and watery and he had bruising on his nose. Vasquez was ultimately placed under arrest and transported to the Glenn County Jail.

2:38 p.m., Nancy Dziuba contacted Glenn County Communications and requested a deputy at 320 Vine Street, unit B, Willows. Deputies responded and provided Dziuba with her options. (See previous log item.)

10:11 p.m., deputies responded to 600 North Humboldt Avenue, Willows, regarding a physical altercation between a man and woman. Deputies arrived on scene and located Michelle Vasquez of Orland and Jason Herr of Willows. Deputies initiated a domestic violence investigation which led to the arrest of Herr. Herr was later transported to the Glenn County Jail, where he was booked on alleged felony domestic violence charges.

Friday, Jan. 21:

3:11 a.m., Ruby Khoury from Enloe Hospice reported the expected death of Dorothy Pereira, 92, of Orland. The decedent suffered from nutritional deficiency and was entered into hospice care on Jan. 10. Next of kin, Jackie Billings, was present at the time of death and she reported the death to Khoury. The decedent was released to the care of Sweet-Olsen Family Mortuary in Orland.

8:49 a.m., Marcus Koehn contacted Glenn County Communications and reported a cold burglary to his residence at 2964 County Road X, in Glenn. Deputies responded and contacted Koehn, who reported vandalism to the residence and theft from his property. Koehn reported a total of $3,400 in vandalism to several doors and door jams and theft and burglary of three chainsaws from the property for a total loss of $1,100. Deputies initiated an on-scene investigation.

1:47 p.m., the California Highway Patrol contacted Glenn County Communications and requested deputies respond to Walmart to attempt to locate the suspect of an abandoned stolen vehicle along Highway 162 in Elk Creek. Deputies entered Walmart and were approached by David Clem. Deputies checked surveillance footage and were able to identify Clem as the person the CHP was looking for. Deputies detained Clem, at CHP’s request, and stood by until CHP officers arrived. Deputies assisted until no longer needed.

Saturday, Jan. 22:

5:30 p.m., deputies responded to the area of County Road 24 and Highway 99 regarding a unresponsive man. Deputies arrived on scene, where they pronounced Santos Zepeda, 59, of Hamilton City, dead. Deputies initiated a coroner’s investigation. Next of kin, Henry Olivas of Hamilton City, was notified of the death. Sweet-Olsen Family Mortuary of Orland responded and took possession of the decedent.

Sunday, Jan. 23:

1:34 a.m., deputies responded to 208 Main Street in Hamilton City regarding a domestic disturbance. Deputies arrived on scene and contacted Coryn Jordan and Guillermo Gallegos. Deputies initiated an investigation that led to the arrest of Jordan. Jordan was placed under arrest for alleged misdemeanor domestic violence and later transported to the Glenn County Jail, where she was turned over to jail staff for booking.

7:50 a.m., Deputy Goodwin contacted a confidential victim outside the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office in Willows. The victim alleged she had just been involved in a domestic violence incident with her boyfriend, Gustavo Garcia, of Willows. The reported victim said Garcia threw car keys at her face. The victim reportedly had an obvious injury from the incident but declined medical attention. The victim said Garcia was last seen walking north on South Tehama Street from the intersection of County Road 57. The victim described the man as wearing a black shirt, black pants and red shoes. Deputy Sanzone conducted a search of the area and located the man. The man was subsequently arrested for alleged felony domestic violence. Garcia was transported to the Glenn County Jail, where they were booked.

8:10 a.m., reporting party Daniel Yee contacted the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office to report a residential burglary at 1103 County Road J, Willows. Deputy Sanzone responded to the scene for the report. Yee told Deputy Sanzone that a safe containing several firearms was removed from the residence and stolen. No suspect information was available at this time.

2:15 p.m., Deputy Goodwin contacted Camie Guzman-Clark of Willows outside the sheriff’s office front lobby. A records check showed Clark had a felony warrant for her arrest out of Glenn County. Clark was subsequently arrested for the warrant and transported to the Glenn County Jail, where she was booked.

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