Glenn County Sheriff’s Log

Here are some selected incident reports from the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office.

Friday, Nov. 5:

12:48 a.m., an anonymous person contacted the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office to report he saw three people entering an apartment at the Cedar Hills complex, 600 North Humboldt Avenue, Willows. The apartment, apt. #225, belonging to Seth Dominguez-Feathers, who was in custody, was supposed to be empty. Deputy Chavez responded and contacted Jonathan Hanson of Willows, Narciso Garcia of Williams, Leslie Lach of Willows, Mcevoy Jackson of Willows, and Damon Dosty of Marysville in the apartment. Glenn County Communications conducted a records check and confirmed Garcia had two local warrants. After speaking with all parties, Dominguez-Feathers confirmed no one was allowed in the apartment. All remaining people were admonished for alleged trespassing and moved along. Garcia was placed under arrest and transported to the Glenn County Jail, to be booked by jail staff.

1:12 a.m., Deputy Tuma contacted Zackariah Hammock at 1333 West Sycamore Street, apt. #31, Willows. Deputy Tuma was aware Hammock had an outstanding felony warrant for his arrest out of Glenn County. Glenn County Communications confirmed the warrant, and Hammock was placed under arrest and transported to the Glenn County Jail, where he was released to jail staff for booking.

1:58 a.m., Deputy Tuma contacted Jonathon Hanson on a call for service at 600 North Humboldt Avenue, apt. 225, Willows. Hanson was found to be on CDC parole with search stipulations. Deputy Tuma conducted a search of Hanson’s person and located a white crystalline substance consistent with methamphetamine. Hanson was placed under arrest and transported to the Glenn County Jail, where he was released to jail staff for booking.

5:42 a.m., an employee at the post office in Willows, Jessica Rosaura Ilharreguy, contacted the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office and reported a cold vandalism to one of their mail delivery vehicles. Deputy Huichapan responded to the post office at 315 West Sycamore Street and contacted the employee. The employee told Deputy Huichapan that an unknown suspect broke the driver’s side window of a delivery truck sometime over the night. The employee estimated the cost to repair the window at about $300 and did not believe anything was missing. The door to the delivery truck was still locked and the employee only requested documentation at this time. Deputy Huichapan did not observe any evidence in the area leading to a potential suspect.

10:17 a.m., Loren Koehn contacted Glenn County Communications and reported his red 2012 Honda 500 (ATV) was stolen from his property in the 6400 block of County Road 43, Willows. Deputies contacted Koehn, who reported his ATV was taken sometime between Oct. 21 and Nov. 4. Koehn did not have surveillance cameras installed and did not have any possible suspect information. The ATV was entered into the Stolen Vehicle System (SVS).

Saturday, Nov. 6:

9:06 a.m., Silvia Newhall reported the father of her children, George Dunlop, was causing a disturbance at their residence at 1056 County Road Z, Butte City. While en-route, Deputy Huichapan was told by Glenn County Communications there was a peaceful contact order between the two parties. Deputy Huichapan learned Newhall was the protected party and Dunlop the restrained party. Deputy Huichapan arrived on-scene and contacted the involved parties. After an on-scene investigation, Dunlop was placed under arrest for alleged violation of the criminal protective order and a cold domestic violence incident that was reported by Newhall.

10:23 a.m., Kenneth Hahn requested assistance with his brother, Lawrence Hahn, of Hamilton City, who was unresponsive and cold to the touch. Hamilton City Fire Department personnel responded, determined Lawrence Hahn was deceased, and requested a deputy coroner. Deputy Rasmussen responded and conducted a coroner’s investigation. The decedent was released to the care of Sweet-Olsen Family Mortuary of Orland.

2:46 p.m., deputies responded to 911 West Cedar Street, Willows, for a report of a disturbance. An anonymous caller could hear a man and woman yelling at one another in the area. Deputies arrived and Alexander Salas and the victim were in a white Toyota Corolla in the parking lot of the residence. Salas was allegedly observed on top of the victim with his hands in the area of the victim’s neck and yelling at her. The victim had injuries to her neck. Deputies detained Salas and conducted an investigation. Salas was ultimately placed under arrest for alleged domestic violence, false imprisonment, and a violation of probation.

7:50 p.m., Sergeant Draper responded to KFC, 226 North Humboldt Avenue, Willows, for a report of a domestic violence incident between a woman and Jesus Garcia of Willows. Upon arrival, Sergeant Draper attempted to contact Garcia, but he allegedly attempted to leave the area and refused to remove his hands from his coat pocket. Garcia was ultimately detained for allegedly resisting a law enforcement officer. After investigation, it was learned Garcia allegedly attempted to steer a vehicle off the roadway with his two children in the vehicle, battered the female driver, and made threats towards law enforcement on scene. Garcia was arrested for a number of felonies and booked into the Glenn County Jail.

8:53 p.m., Deputy Tuma conducted a traffic enforcement stop on a 2005 PT Cruiser in the area of Walker Street and Interstate 5 in Orland. Deputy Tuma contacted the female driver, who identified herself as Amanda Crosier. After an on-scene investigation, Crosier was determined to be Amanda Gunn, 34, of Orland. Communications reported that Gunn had an outstanding misdemeanor warrant out of Butte County. Gunn was placed under arrest for the warrant and later released on a signed promise to appear. Deputy Tuma took a report for allegedly giving false identification to a peace officer.

11:48 p.m., Leodegario Paniagua of 775 Southgate Drive, Willows contacted the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office to report Maria Concepcion Paniagua, a Willows transient, was in the residence, breaking things. Deputies responded and contacted Maria in the residence bathroom. Glenn County Communications confirmed a served restraining order listing Leodegario as the protected party and Maria as the restrained party. Deputy Chavez placed Maria under arrest for the alleged restraining order violation and transported her to the Glenn County Jail, where she was booked by jail staff.

Sunday, Nov. 7:

1:44 a.m., Red Bluff CHP officers were in pursuit of a stolen vehicle on southbound Interstate 5, approaching the Glenn County Line. When the pursuit entered Glenn County, CHP officers requested a K9 unit to respond for assistance. Deputy Lemmon and K9 Orion were dispatched and assisted with the vehicle pursuit. Glenn County Sheriff’s Office units assisted the CHP officers until they approached Chico on Highway 32, where other Chico units proceeded to assist the pursuing CHP unit. (See Glenn County Observer story, “Early morning high-speed/low-speed chase passes through county”, published on Nov. 7.)

3:50 a.m., Salvador Chavez requested a welfare check on his mother, Jennifer Peevey, of Willows. Chavez said he had not spoken to his mother in about a week. Deputies were dispatched to the Blue Gum Motel, 2637 Highway 99, Willows, and contacted Peevey, who said she was okay and that she would call her son. While speaking with Peevey, deputies found Lyle Cheever in the room. Deputies had prior knowledge of an active emergency protective order with Cheever listed as the restrained party. Cheever was taken into custody and booked into the Glenn County Jail.

8:52 a.m., Sherry Rogers of Torrance and David Choate of Oakland, Ore. contacted Glenn County Communications to report a hit-and-run traffic collision at Motel 6, 452 North Humboldt Avenue, Willows. Deputies responded and spoke with Choate and Rogers, who reported their blue 2000 Ford Explorer sustained moderate damage along the driver’s side. Deputies reviewed video footage and learned Jay Graves of Glen Burnie, Maryland, allegedly struck Choate’s vehicle in his 2013 Freightliner truck at 7:13 a.m. Deputies contacted Graves and assisted all parties with an information exchange, at the request of Rogers and Choate, who declined to pursue the matter criminally.

6:19 p.m., Amber Pangborn, 600 North Humboldt Avenue, apt. #201, Willows, contacted the sheriff’s office, requesting to speak to a deputy regarding her grandmother’s death and believing the IHHS worker was involved. Deputy Tuma was dispatched and contacted Pangborn, who reported it was her mother-in-law who died in February and said she had a “feeling” the IHHS worker was involved because the worker was not a nice person. Pangborn could not provide any other substantial claims for her beliefs. Communications reported Pangborn had an active misdemeanor warrant for her arrest out of Glenn County. Communications confirmed the warrant, and Deputy Tuma placed Pangborn under arrest for the warrant. She was transported to the Glenn County Jail, where she was released to jail staff for booking.

10:59 p.m., while conducting a walk through of 600 North Humboldt Avenue in Willows, Deputy Tuma found three people in a verbal disturbance. Deputy Tuma contacted the involved parties, Andrew Hogan of Willows, Colin Hogan of Orland, and Aubree Olson of Magalia. Olson stated Andrew was her boyfriend and she did not want him at the apartment because he had been drinking. Andrew said he was leaving for the night. Both parties said the disturbance was verbal only.

Olson later contacted the sheriff’s office and reported Andrew returned to the apartment and they were in another verbal disturbance. Deputy Tuma contacted Andrew in front of an apartment. Andrew allegedly showed signs of being intoxicated but agreed to stay in for the night and no longer cause a disturbance.

Olson contacted the sheriff’s office again, reporting Andrew returned to their apartment and kicked the door in after she would not let unlock the door for him. Deputy Tuma contacted Olson, who said Andrew lived at the apartment. Deputy Tuma provided Olson with restraining order information and advised her to contact the sheriff’s office if Andrew returned. Deputies searched the area for Andrew but were unable to find him.

Deputy Tuma stayed in the area and contacted Andrew in front of apt. #165. Deputy Tuma determined Andrew was unable to care for himself, there was a reasonable probability of Andrew continuing to cause a disturbance, and his behavior was escalating. Deputy Tuma placed Andrew under arrest for public intoxication. After having to be carried to the patrol car, Andrew was transported to the Glenn County Jail, where he was released to jail for booking.

Monday, Nov. 8:

7:51 a.m., Deputy Alves was dispatched to 2580 County Road I to a report of a domestic assault that occurred. Upon arrival, contact was made with the involved parties. After an investigation was conducted, Jewels Lambert, 24, of Fairbanks, Alaska, was subsequently arrested for alleged domestic violence and booked into the Glenn County Jail. Three juveniles were also detained and released to Glenn County Child Protective Services.

1:04 p.m., Deputy Ramirez responded to Ace Hardware, 255 North Tehama Street, Willows, for a report of fraudulent checks. Sean Amsden reported a woman had used two fraudulent checks, one on Oct. 1 and the second on Oct. 5. Deputy Ramirez initiated an investigation and identified the female as Jayna Young of Willows. The total loss for the business was $1103.12. Ace Hardware wished to pursue criminal charges against Young. Deputy Ramirez later contacted Young, who admitted she had used the checks and was aware she did not have the funds for the transactions. The case was forwarded to the Glenn County District Attorney’s Office for prosecution.

Tuesday, Nov. 9:

3:17 p.m., Levonda Tracy from Sparrows Landing, 721 East Street, reported the expected death of Beatrice Schroer, 97. The decedent suffered from pre-existing illness. Next of kin, Donald Schroer, was present at the time of death. According to the sheriff’s log item, John McDermott, a physician’s assistant and family nurse practioner, was to sign the death certificate. The decedent was released to the care of Sweet-Olsen Family Mortuary of Orland.

Wednesday, Nov. 10:

8:54 a.m., Scott Rindahl of Corning reported a cold theft at the Orland Airport, 4115 County Road P, Orland. Deputy Ramirez contacted Rindahl and discovered several tools had been stolen from a work truck stored on the property sometime throughout the night. The cost to replace the tools was estimated to be $1150. Rindahl was unable to provide any possible suspects.

12:27 p.m., Kimberly Eggleston of 663 County Road Y, Afton, called the sheriff’s office and reported fraud. Deputy Lemmon was dispatched and contacted Eggleston, who said her Social Security debit card was hacked and $974 was removed from the account. Eggleston said she contacted the debit card company (Direct Express) and reported the incident. Eggleston said Direct Express refunded her the money and initiated an investigation. Eggleston said she no longer suffered any monetary loss.

2:11 p.m., Deputy Ramirez was dispatched to an ongoing trespassing issue at the Double EE Market, 575 Sacramento Avenue, Hamilton City. Gursewak Singh alleged Michelle Urrutia was at the market, yelling at customers. Singh requested to speak to a deputy in regards to the matter. Urrutia was last seen walking south on Sacramento Avenue. While en route, Deputy Ramirez was told Urrutia had an outstanding Glenn County misdemeanor warrant. Deputy Ramirez found Urrutia at 340 Sierra Avenue. Urrutia was ultimately placed under arrest for the warrant and admonished for trespassing. Urrutia was transported to the Glenn County Jail and turned over to jail staff.

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