Firefighters respond to Orland area structure fire

Report by Larry Judkins

Photos by Donna Wilder

Glenn County Observer

The Orland Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched to a report of a structure fire south of town Saturday morning, March 4.

The call regarding the fire at 6657 County Road 20 went out at 8:37 a.m.

At that time, according to the Corning fire dispatcher, he had received only a single report regarding the fire.

A moment later, Orland Fire Chief Justin Chaney told the dispatcher he was able to “confirm” the fire as he approached the area, as there was a “large column of black smoke” rising from the location.

The dispatcher replied that he had since received multiple reports of the fire.

The dispatcher asked Chief Chaney if he wanted a call to go out for mutual aid, and the chief replied in the affirmative.

The Artois Fire Department was called at 8:40 a.m.

It was soon discovered that the structure that was burning was an outbuilding.

The firefighters were quickly able to gain control of the fire and prevent it from spreading to any other structures.

The cause of the fire was unknown.

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