Man shot to death south of Orland

By Larry Judkins

Glenn County Observer

A man was shot to death south of Orland shortly before dusk on Tuesday, June 8.

Law enforcement officers rushed to the scene between 7:30 p.m. and 8 p.m. For the location, they were at first told only that it was at County Roads M and 20.

A little later, an address on Road M, just south of Road 20, was given.

The Orland Volunteer Fire Department and Westside Ambulance were then called to the area and asked to stage nearby for a victim of a “GSW” (gunshot wound).

Law enforcement quickly secured the scene, however, and the medical personnel were soon brought in.

The victim was at the back of the short driveway. From the street, they could be seen working hard to save the man’s life.

Despite their efforts, medical personnel eventually had to give up.

The Observer asked Sgt. Greg Felkins if he had any information, but he said he knew very little at that time. “I don’t even know who he is,” he said.

He knew only that he was a Hispanic male adult, and that he was an “11-44” (deceased).

The son of the homeowner said that the man was shot nearby, not outside their home. He said he and his family were inside when they heard two gunshots.

The victim came to the property from the back and died in the driveway.

This was not the end of the situation, however.

Law enforcement officers believed the shooter or shooters took refuge in a neighboring house. Officers surrounded the house for several hours, and a CHP helicopter was brought in.

Nothing was found after a thorough search that continued until after midnight.

The Observer hopes to have more information on Wednesday.

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  1. Larry, I have an article about Orland Cemetery District irrigation situation. How can I get it to you? Thanks, Dottie


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