Glenn County Sheriff’s Log

Here are some selected incident reports from the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office.

Thursday, July 15:

2:38 a.m., an anonymous caller reported an unknown Hispanic man wearing a red shirt looking through tools at 6358 County Road 200, Orland. The caller said the man left the property, but was unable to provide a direction of travel. The described man was found near the intersection of Newville Road and Hoff Way. He was identified as Javier Sanchez, 36, of Orland, and showed obvious signs of intoxication. Sanchez allegedly said he was drunk. It was determined Sanchez was unable to care for himself and was ultimately placed under arrest for alleged public intoxication. He was transported to the Glenn County Jail and was to be released once sober.

8:18 a.m., the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office requested assistance with locating a missing person. The PCSO obtained cell phone ping information regarding Joshua Welter’s cell phone location. The PCSO provided GPS coordinates for the area of the Monroeville Pioneer Cemetery off Highway 45, north of Ord Bend. Joshua Welter was possibly driving a older red van. Deputies responded and conducted an area check. While checking the area and surrounding orchards, Deputies spoke with several workers. None of the workers had seen any strangers in the area or any red vans. The PCSO was told Glenn County deputies were unable to locate Welter.

3:31 p.m., deputies were dispatched to 8901 County Road 67 for the report of a deceased person. Deputies arrived and David Oliphant, 62, was pronounced deceased. Deputies initiated a coroner’s investigation. The decedent’s brother and next of kin, Nevin Oliphant, was told of the decedent’s death. F.D. Sweet and Son Mortuary of Willows responded and the decedent was released into their care.

3:54 p.m., deputies responded to Walmart for a report of domestic violence with no details of what occurred. Deputies contacted Magdalena Miller and David Miller. After an on-scene investigation, Magdalena Miller, of Sparks, Nev., was arrested for alleged public intoxication. She was later released without a charge.

Friday, July 16:

4:03 a.m., deputies responded to the ampm convenience store, 1399 West Wood Street, Willows, for a report of a man asleep in a Ford Focus at one of the fuel pumps. The caller said he was unable to keep the man up. Deputies and CHP officers responded and discovered the man, who was identified as Collin Outland, was allegedly under the influence of a controlled substance. The CHP took over the investigation and Outland was ultimately placed under arrest for driving while under the influence. Deputies assisted the CHP until no longer needed.

9:52 a.m., Angela Vanella called and reported theft of copper wire in the area of County Roads Y and 67. Vanella said an unknown person stole copper wire from the farm’s well electrical box. Vanella said she did not have the estimated cost to replace the wire at the time of this report.

9:58 a.m., Jeannie Hanks reported the theft of items from the front porch of her residence at 115 North Culver Street, Willows. Deputy Rasmussen responded and contacted Hanks. In the last couple of days an unknown person took several brand new items that were sitting on the front porch. The items included blue hand towels, wash cloths, replacement cabinet hardware (drawer pull knobs), and curtains. The loss was estimated at $86.94.

3:33 p.m., while on routine patrol, Deputy Lourenzo observed a green Honda Accord (Calif. License plate #6CIZ985) parked along Cutting Avenue near Fifth Avenue, Orland (Capay District). A records check revealed the Honda was reported as stolen to the Willows CHP by its owner. Deputy Lourenzo recovered the stolen vehicle and determined it was inoperable due to damage and stolen parts. The Honda was towed and stored by Zips Towing.

5:26 p.m., deputies responded to an address on County Road 14, Orland, for a report of a suspicious man walking around the property while the homeowners were out of town. Upon arrival, deputies located a man, later identified as Noah Coats of Orland, who fled the area on foot. Orland police officers and Glenn County Sheriff’s personnel apprehended Coats in a neighboring property. An on-scene investigation determined Coats allegedly entered a residence on the property and stole items from within the house that were found on his person at the time of arrest. A records check also revealed Coats had three outstanding felony warrants for his arrest. Deputy Lourenzo ultimately placed Coats under arrest for the warrants and fresh charges. He was transported and booked him into the Glenn County Jail.

8:35 p.m., a Hamilton City woman contacted the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office to report her 14-year-old daughter had been sexually assaulted by a 17-year-old boy. Deputy Chavez respond and initiated an investigation.

Saturday, July 17:

4:19 a.m., Redding CHP requested an agency assist from the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office. Redding CHP requested a welfare check on Destiny Mendez at 3992 Highway 99 in Orland. Redding CHP found an abandoned wrecked vehicle belonging to Mendez in Redding. Deputy Ramirez attempted to contact Mendez at the address and discovered she no longer lived there. Deputy Ramirez was unable to get a current address for Mendez.

12:24 p.m., Rayn Buford of Red Bluff contacted the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office and requested to speak with a deputy regarding a missing person’s report. Deputy Huichapan contacted Buford via telephone, as requested. Buford told Deputy Huichapan that CHP officers towed her sister’s-in-law vehicle the previous night and she had not heard from her since. Buford stated it was strange that her sister-in-law, of Orland, had not been in touch with her and requested to file a missing person’s report. Deputy Huichapan initiated an investigation and the sister-in-law was entered into the missing persons system. While Deputy Huichapan was conducting an investigation, Buford contacted the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office and said her sister-in-law was located. Deputy Huichapan responded to the 800 block of Pecan Circle in Orland and contacted the sister-in-law, who told Deputy Huichapan she had been drinking with friends and blacked out. She told Deputy Huichapan she did not remember much of the previous night other than being dropped off at her mother’s residence. Deputy Huichapan did not observe any visible injuries on her. Deputy Huichapan told her to contact the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office if she was able to remember anything. She was removed from the missing persons system by Glenn County Communications.10:02 p.m., deputies responded to Glenn Medical Center in Willows regarding a girl who consumed Nyquil. Deputies arrived on scene and met with medical staff. Glenn Medical Center staff said the parents of the girl were refusing to allow their child to be transported to UC Davis for additional medical treatment. Deputies told the medical staff that there was no criminal act or negligent act of the parents and there was no legal reason to detain the child.

11:36 p.m., Esmeralda from Willows Care Center reported the expected death of Diane Holmstrom, 70. The decedent suffered from a pre-existing illness and was entered into hospice care on May 19. Next of kin, Nicole Straugh, was contacted by nursing staff and notified of the death. The decedent was released to the care of Affordable Mortuary of Chico.

Sunday, July 18:

10:02 a.m., Isabella Davalos from Glenn Medical Center reported the expected death of Carol Cameron, 83, of Willows. Cameron was on comfort care and suffered from preexisting medical conditions. She was admitted to Glenn Medical Center on July 7. Next of kin, William Cameron, was notified of the decedent’s death. Bruise Funeral Home from Chico was to remove the body.

5:06 p.m., Andy Saechao requested to speak with a deputy regarding a possible cold theft. Deputy Huichapan contacted Saechao outside of the Glenn County Jail. Saechao told Deputy Huichapan the key to his Honda motorcycle was missing for over a week. Saechao also reported his Igloo cooler was missing. Saechao believed his aunts, Nancy Xiong and Pang Xiong, were responsible for the missing property but had no proof. Saechao requested Deputy Huichapan attempt to locate his missing property. Deputy Huichapan responded to 346 North Butte Street and contacted Nancy and Pang Xiong. They told Deputy Huichapan they did not have Saechao’s property. They said Saechao had a tendency of losing property, accusing them of stealing it, and later finding the property that he misplaced in the first place. After speaking with all the parties involved, Deputy Huichapan did not have factual evidence indicating the Xiongs stole any of Saechao’s property. Deputy Huichapan informed Saechao of his findings.

6:10 p.m., Justin Swigart called the sheriff’s office and reported Andy Saechao was causing a disturbance at Walmart. Deputies responded and met with Saechao, who was told of the complaint and later admonished for trespassing. Saechao left Walmart’s property without incident.

6:32 p.m., deputies observed Michael Deniz just south of 255 North Tehama Street, Willows. Deputies had prior knowledge Deniz had an outstanding misdemeanor warrant issued for his arrest out of Glenn County and contacted him. Deputies confirmed the warrant via Glenn County Sheriff’s Communications and arrested Deniz without incident. Deniz. He was transported to the Glenn County Jail, where he was turned over to jail staff for booking. His bail was set at $7,000.

6:57 p.m., the Chico Police Department received a call from a woman who said she was involved in a domestic violence incident. The woman stated she was in a black Dodge pickup with her boyfriend, who was refusing to pull over. The vehicle was reported to be westbound on Highway 32. Deputy Goodwin located the vehicle traveling west on Highway 32 near County Road P. Deputy Goodwin and officers with the Orland Police Department conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. An officer with the Chico Police Department responded to the scene. The woman was ultimately arrested for domestic violence charges by the Chico Police Department and the man was released from the scene.

Monday, July 19:

6:37 a.m., Sheryl Chapman reported a white female adult was trespassing on her property. She said the woman was currently in the roadway on County Road 51, yelling. Chapman requested a deputy respond and tell the woman to move along. Deputy Rasmussen responded and contacted a woman who fit the description provided by Chapman, walking in the roadway. The woman identified herself verbally as Heather Russell, also known as Heather Ann Mack, 40. A records check showed Mack had three outstanding warrants out of Tehama County. Mack was arrested on the warrants, transported, and booked into the Glenn County Jail.

9:52 a.m., Emiliano Gutierrez came to the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office lobby and requested to report a theft. Sometime between the end of February and July 10 an unknown person stole $5,000 and his original naturalization certificate from his locked room. Deputy Rasmussen responded and contacted Gutierrez in the lobby and took a report.

11:35 a.m., Deputy Tuma contacted Khamchan Sayyaphom, 28, in the area of West Willow and North Lassen Streets, Willows. Deputy Tuma was aware Sayyaphom had an outstanding warrant for his arrest out of Glenn County. Communications confirmed the warrant and Sayyaphom was placed under arrest and transported to the Glenn County Jail, where he was released to jail staff for booking.

4:18 p.m., Steve Miller requested to report the theft of items out of his vehicle while it was parked at the Butte City boat launch. On July 8, between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., an unknown suspect entered his vehicle (believed to be unlocked because no damage was done to enter the vehicle) and stole his garage door opener valued at $25. Miller said his friend’s wallet and car key were also stolen but at this time it was unknown if the friend wished to report the theft. The theft was not discovered until Miller and his friend arrived home in Nevada City. Miller requested to report for information only.

4:50 p.m., Catherine with Enloe Hospice contacted the sheriff’s office, reporting the expected death of Robert Leslie Matney, 75, of Willows. The decedent’s wife and next of kin, Patricia Matney, was present at the time of death. The decedent entered hospice care on July 19 and suffered from a pre-existing medical condition. F.D. Sweet and Son Mortuary of Willows was contacted and the decedent was released into their care.

4:56 p.m., Allen Lindell contacted the sheriff’s office, requesting to speak to a deputy regarding fraud. Deputy Tuma contacted Lindell outside of the front lobby. Lindell said he was in custody at the Glenn County Jail from Oct. 28, 2020 to Jan. 17, 2021. Lindell stated while he was in custody, someone was able to order a new DirectExpress bank card in his name and stole about $4,000 to $5,000 out of his Social Security account. Lindell said he contacted the bank and reported the incident as fraud but the bank would not refund the money until he could prove he was in custody. Lindell reported he received bank statements showing the card was used but did not have them with him. Deputy Tuma told Lindell the incident would be documented for now until he could provide the bank statements.

Tuesday, July 20:

3 p.m., Victim-Witness Advocate Jessie Powell was contacted by the victim of sexual assault that occurred when the victim was a young minor (about 24 years ago). The victim now lives out of the area. Deputy Rasmussen requested Powell to see if the victim was willing to go to her local agency for a courtesy report and report the incident.

3:28 p.m., deputies were detailed to 3600-17 County Road 305 in Elk Creek for a report of Byron Burrows causing a disturbance at the residence. Deputies contacted Burrows, along with Leland and Yvonne Sisk. Deputies learned Burrows was possibly under the influence of a controlled substance and assaulted both Leland and Yvonne. After an on-scene investigation, Burrows was ultimately placed under arrest and transported to the Glenn County Jail, where he was released to jail staff for booking for allegedly being under the influence of a controlled substance, battery, and felony elder abuse.

4:21 p.m., Arnold Kjer contacted the Glenn County Sherriff’s Office to report an incident involving Ronald Perkins that occurred on July 17. Kjer said after installing a water meter on Perkins’ property at 3391 County Road 306, Elk Creek, Perkins did not like the way the meter was installed. Perkins became argumentative and pushed Kjer in the chest. Kjer said he was not injured and did not believe Perkins meant to injure him. Kjer left the property without further incident and requested the incident be documented. Kjer did not wish to pursue criminal charges.

8:39 p.m., Deputy Ayres arrested Hermelindo Gonzalez Salgado for his six local warrants after seeing him walking east on East Walker Street. Gonzalez was transported to the Glenn County Jail, where he was turned over to jail staff for booking.

Wednesday, July 21:

8:33 a.m., Salvador Ramirez requested to report the theft of the catalytic converter off of his parents’ 2007 Honda Accord that was parked on the street in front of 114 North Culver Street, Willows. Deputy Rasmussen responded. Sometime during the night, unknown suspects removed the vehicle’s catalytic converter by unbolting it at the front and cutting it from the remainder of the exhaust system at the rear. The vehicle is owned by Salvador Ramirez’s father, Francisco Ramirez. Ramirez estimated the cost to replace the converter to be between $600 and $700. Ramirez may report this incident to his insurance company.

1:36 p.m., the Colusa County Sheriff’s Office reported third-hand information of a person walking in the Mendocino National Forest in the area of Open Ridge. Shortly after, Sgt. Corbin received a telephone call regarding a disabled vehicle on M3 near Sheet Iron. The caller said the vehicle had a note requesting “Help”, as they had no food or water. USFS employees ultimately located Daniel Evans, 57, from Sacramento. Evans was transported by USFS staff to the Stonyford work center. Sgt. Corbin met with Evans, who said he got lost and ran out of gas. He spent a total of five days and four nights in the forest without food or drink. Evans was treated at the scene, then transported by Enloe Flight Care to Enloe Hospital for further treatment of his sustained injuries and dehydration.

8:16 p.m., Deputy Ayres contacted Maria Paniagua while she was sitting in a parked white VW station wagon that was in the alley between Third and Fourth Streets, south of Cherry Street, in Willows. Paniagua was known to be on parole and an illegal drug user. After an on-scene investigation, Paniagua was allegedly found to be in possession of a used meth pipe. Her parole officer was contacted and he placed a hold on her. Deputy Ayres arrested Paniagua for the parole hold and for allegedly being in possession of drug paraphernalia. Paniagua was transported to the Glenn County Jail, where she was turned over to jail staff to be booked.

Thursday, July 22:

2:44 a.m., Deputy Ayres’ patrol car struck several raccoons that were in the roadway on County Road 29, east of County Road V. Deputy Ayres’ patrol vehicle sustained minor damage to the front bumper and front engine splash shield. This was not the first time Deputy Ayres has collided with a gaze of raccoons. On Oct. 6, 2019, while responding to a residential burglary alarm activation, Deputy Ayres’ patrol car struck an unknown number of raccoons that were crossing over the southbound lane of County Road V in the area of County Road 34. The deputy`s patrol vehicle became disabled in the area of County Roads P and 48. L&T Towing responded and towed the patrol car to the Glenn County Vehicle Service Center.

3:46 a.m., Charles Cutshall contacted the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office to report he heard three shots fired north of his property. Deputies, Orland police officers, and CHP officers responded and searched the area. Deputies determined the shots came from the property located at 6160 County Road 8, Orland. Deputies contacted Amelia Dowdy, who said she had killed a skunk that was attacking her chickens. Dowdy was told of the call for service and counseled.

6:28 a.m., Harvey Fornof of Bakersfield contacted Glenn County Communications to report his Ford F-350 (AR: 930XG1) and attached flatbed trailer was stolen by an unknown suspect(s) from the Holiday Inn Express parking lot, 545 North Humboldt Avenue, Willows. Deputy Garcia responded, contacted Fornof, and initiated an on-scene investigation. After further investigation, it was determined an unknown suspect(s) stole the pickup and trailer at about 11:30 p.m. and drove north on Interstate 5 from Willows. The stolen pickup and stolen trailer were entered into the Stolen Vehicle System (SVS).

10:50 a.m., while on routine patrol, Deputy Huichapan contacted Christopher Dunham on North Shasta Street near West Walnut Street in Willows. A records check on Dunham through Glenn County Communications revealed an active felony warrant and active misdemeanor warrant out of Glenn County. Deputy Huichapan informed Dunham of the active warrants and placed him under arrest. Dunham was transported and booked into the Glenn County Jail.

11:09 a.m., Deputy Garcia was dispatched to 825 North Humboldt Avenue, Willows, after an employee reported a cold theft. Deputy Garcia responded and initiated an on-scene investigation. After further investigation, it was determined an unknown suspect(s) entered the fenced property and stole eight license plates and two catalytic converters belonging to the U.S. Forest Service. The stolen license plates were entered into the Stolen Vehicle System (SVS).

12:01 p.m., an employee at Walmart contacted Glenn County Communications and reported a cold fraud at the business. Deputy Garcia was detailed, contacted the reporting party, and initiated an on-scene investigation. After further investigation, it was determined an unknown man attempted to make a purchase using six $20 dollar counterfeit bills. The transaction was stopped by an employee at the register and the counterfeit bills were not seized. The reporting party requested the incident documented and reported no monetary lost.

4:14 p.m., deputies were dispatched to a reported domestic disturbance between Jerry Allen and Angelica Martinez at 4757 County Road DD in Orland. Deputies, along with Orland police officers, responded and contacted both parties. After a subsequent investigation, Martinez was placed under arrest for misdemeanor domestic violence and transported to the Glenn County Jail, where she was released to jail staff for booking.

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