Let’s be clear: Dahl is not the GCSO employee being investigated

By Larry Judkins

Glenn County Observer

No! No! No!

Suddenly, out of nowhere, rumors are flying that former Undersheriff/Acting Sheriff Jason Dahl is the GCSO employee who was placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation for wrongdoing.

Get this straight: There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Dahl was in any way associated with the actual employee’s alleged – and I emphasize alleged – wrongdoing.

No evidence whatsoever.




As The Observer’s September 17 report made reasonably clear, the actual GCSO employee who was placed on administrative leave was Deputy John Sanzone – and it should be understood that he has only been accused of wrongdoing and should be afforded the presumption of innocence unless and until he is found guilty in a court of law.

Rather than rely on social media rumor mongers, The Observer called the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office to find out what is going on with former Acting Sheriff Dahl and current Acting Sheriff Travis Goodwin.

The GCSO confirmed that, indeed, Lt. Goodwin is now the permanent (meaning: until Justin Gibbs becomes sheriff in January) acting sheriff.

As for Dahl, he has left the GCSO not for any nefarious reason, but because he has taken a new job. At the end of September, he will take a position with the California Commission on Police Officer Standards and Training (POST), an entity of the state government.

Dahl is not happy with the Facebook postings in which he is mentioned. In one reply to someone’s post, he states:

“I am not exactly sure what you are insinuating. Travis Goodwin is currently Acting Sheriff due to me being off work until 9/30. The rumor spreading by Facebook trolls is ridiculous and toxic to this community. It is illegal for the Sheriff’s Office or any law enforcement agency to comment on a personnel matter until it is resolved. Period.”

The Glenn County Observer has shut down commenting for its September 17 Facebook post and has hidden all of its old posts, regardless of their content.

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