Seatbelts save lives

A 2007 Ford Expedition rests on its side as CHP officers investigate the accident scene near the intersection of County Roads M and 25. Glenn County Observer photo by Donna Wilder.

Glenn County Observer

One driver sustains only minor injuries, the other driver sustains no injuries at all.

Thank you, seatbelts.

According to Officer Forslund of the Willows Area Office of the California Highway Patrol, at about 12:05 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 7, Elias Santiz, 33, of Orland, was driving a 2004 Saturn four-door west on County Road 25 at about 45 miles per hour, east of County Road M.

Ramirez Quirarte, 36, of Orland, was driving a 2007 Ford Expedition south on Road M, directly north of the intersection with Road 25.

Santiz approached the stop sign at Road M but failed to stop at the limit line. He applied his brakes but traveled into the intersection.

The Expedition crashed into the right rear end of the Saturn.

With the involved 2004 Saturn nearby, Orland firefighters Daniel Carranza, left, and Zachary Webster chat at the accident scene. Glenn County Observer photo by Donna Wilder.

After the crash, the Expedition traveled to the right and rolled over in an orchard. It came to rest facing a northwesterly direction on its left (driver’s) side.

The Saturn was parked on the right shoulder in the orchard.

Neither driver was seriously injured. Both were wearing their seatbelts at the time of the accident.

Neither driver was arrested.

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